Monday, May 30, 2011


What's new?

Anyone newly with child?
Any birthdays (she's 23 today...)?
I'm finally free y'all.

  • Took my finals and wrote my papers. The 10 page one for Feminist Theory totally SLAYED me as I finished all my sources after seven pages and didn't know what else to write!
  • Gained like 5 pounds of exam stress--and have lost a couple of those pounds already!!
  • Went to the ceremony last week for the story contest I won and when the dean announced my name she said that the last sentence of my story made her cry. That made me--still makes me--so happy, friends!
  • Paid money I owed to Hunter College Jail last week, and also got my gown and graduation tickets for June 2nd commencement! I felt so accomplished and relieved to be done with one chapter of my life that apparently I couldn't move my fingers to blog after my finals ended last week, haha
  • Bought a few beautiful clothes in celebration. 

Today I took the bus down to Coney Island and walked around by myself for a bit. I had planned to go with my friend, Melanie, but since it rained early this morning she worried it would be too cold a day for the beach. 

As I anticipated and hoped, it turned out to be a beautiful day! Coney Island is seriously one of my favorite places in New York: I especially love that you can see practically every racial group in one place--everyone busy, out and about, and so much energy! I actually have a future wedding idea in my mind that includes Coney Island...shhhh, haha.

Going by myself was actually a little feat for me? The other part of me just wanted to stay home, then hit the gym later. But recently I've been rolling around in my mind the importance of valuing time with myself not as loneliness or being alone but a as choice--because we have to learn and find comfort and acceptance in being by ourselves!

That's the sweetest little tutu swimsuit the photo before last, huh?


P.S. Happy Memorial Day! Today is such such an important day--for past troops and present troops. Remember to keep each other in thoughts/prayers.


Mary said...

Adult-size tutu swimsuit needs to be invented, stat. I love it.

Congrats on finishing school - walking across the stage is followed up by the biggest sigh of relief ever, I know!

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