Friday, May 13, 2011



I haven’t been able to start stalking Ryan Gosling yet.
I need clean underwear.
I need to stop wearing the same stripped dress with leggings I've worn three times already (twice back to back!!) this week.
I need a vegetable [and mashed potatoes and canned corn don't count!!]
My hair needs to be conditioned under the yellow beret I'm wearing.
And I need to shower. Woke up just in time to make it to class on time, but not enough time to shower [which also explains the bit about my unconditioned hair (i.e. the texture of a brillo pad), sweaty armpits, etc.]

Folks, these are desperate times! Honestly honeychild, I'm trying to think of a time I did not gain weight during finals. What healthy eating? Exercise, huh?

I need out of this hellish nightmare! I’m so glad to be almost almost done with undergrad as it’s gotten old. I only need make it to Monday and survive this hell of a weekend of completing a ten page paper for Feminist Theory due Monday morning, a five page paper for Linguistics due Sunday night, and studying for Monday’s cumulative Computer Science exam. Mad times! Just. Till. Monday.

Anways, just wanted to pop in and say hey. Hey.

I’ll pop in tomorrow to share how the 4th week of Summer Lovin’ went for me yadda yadda, but please do share how you’ve been doing? Any losses? Last week we lost around 7 or 8 pounds (I’ll verify tomorrow), which means that our cumulative loss might be around 30 pounds! But I’ll have sure-r numbers tomorrow. Byeeeeeeeee. Lovelovelove.


Katie J said...

It will come back. Mine did.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

It's back :) but the comments are deleted :(

acissejlates said...

my WI for last week was +1.4! and this week WI for Weds. is -0.2 hah This is what stress does to me :P

Me said...

Heres' an update: this week I weigh 77.4kg, a loss of 0.4kg from last week.

LeeLee said...

Alexia, I enjoyed catching up on your Blog so much! I really love the new look! I saw that you joined MFP and sent you a friend request! Best of Luck on your Weight Loss Journey!

Remember to stick with it, remain focused and keep on pushing!!

Have a Great Weekend!!

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