Tuesday, June 21, 2011

for Simone.

My dear blogger friend asked me for advice today.

“… You always seem so upbeat and vibrant. Even though I am feeling more positive, I am struggling weight loss wise.”

But I'm certainly not always “upbeat and vibrant”!! In fact, I have been in a weight-loss/weight-gain/lose-regain rut since…last fall. It’s only recently that I feel myself slowing down the merry-go-round and finally seeing weight-loss as a byproduct of healthy living. It was such a defeat for me to regain so much weight…and so much self-forgiveness was involved!

Also, motivating someone else is hard. Because I know why I want/need to lose weight, but I don’t know why you want/need to.

So I say, “only you can motivate yourself.”


Write a list of pros and cons and if you can find a compelling reason not to lose the weight, then don’t. 


Think forward to the end of this year, think forward to the end of next next year, will you like who you see when you look in the mirror when you know you didn't work your hardest? Will we be proud that we let food—nourishment that people in other places of the world die from lack of—hold such power over us?


You’re beautiful. You’re young. You deserve all the happiness healthy brings. You deserve to run—if you want to.


It's not always possible to feel motivated, but do it anyway. Hopefully, your motivation will catch up to your hard work.


Just think about this moment. Just make a healthier choice right now. Then make another one.


Be kind to your body. Simply. 


You have so many tools at your disposal:  Have friends/family/me keep you accountable. Track your food for free. Maybe do WW.  Maybe ask someone to be your sponsor (so you send them your daily food/fitness log)...Just make it happen for you somehow, any(healthy)how.            


Very important: Work on the root(s) of what makes you overeat and what makes weight-loss such a struggle for you. I know--like you--stress is a huge motivator for me. Talk to someone about your struggles (a professional or otherwise) and maybe even keep a feelings journal which is so so helpful for me.  Maybe even try a workbook or two.

Or maybe none of this will help you, Simone. But know that it makes me so very happy to think of you reaching your weight-loss goals. It would mean so much to me you have no idea! I know how badly you want it and I can't wait to hear how you reach for it.



TJ said...

great words of wisdom! :)

acissejlates said...

hah I needed this post...I've been in such a slum and I'm trying to dig myself out of it :(. We need to hang out! Message me and let me know when you're free I miss you <3

KCLAnderson (Karen) said...

Love this...it reminds me of the time, back in 2004, when I finally realized, maybe I just don't want to lose weight?? And when I had that thought, I went immediately into "why" mode...and it took me down a very unexpected path!

paulawannacracker said...

Great advice Alexia...

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

thanks, everyone :)

Katie J said...

You didn't miss it! It is only 9:23 here xoxox

LeeLee said...

Well said Alexia! I'm glad to hear your well!

Glam,Glitz&amp;Gut said...

You've got a way with advice Alexia!

Katie J said...

We are all rooting for you Simone and would do anything to help you!!

You are such a kind, caring sould Alexia! I just <3 you!

Katie J said...


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