Wednesday, June 8, 2011

let them eat cake.

A good day involves:

Mangoes (in my hair).

Morning exercise--an hour on the elliptical--to get it over with! And lots of walking throughout the rest of the day.

The farmers market. 

An interesting gigantic sculpture in the park where Jasmine has a playdate while I enjoy my fabulous (store bought) salad.

Then later, sitting by the Hudson river with my friends, Shanika and Ransom.

They got me a coconut lemon cake from Whole Foods, which I had admired earlier this week in consideration of my mother's birthday next week, and presents of beautiful potted flowers!

Ransom sings beautifully so he is training professionally, and if you have a conversation with Shanika she can pick up on speech/language issues because it's what she's studies in her (Speech Pathology) masters program.  

A couple years ago, Ransom and I took this photo together (below) and recently he called it "iconic" because back when he posted it on his facebook profile so many people started messaging him asking if I was his girlfriend, HA! Gotta love nosy people on facebook. Hilarious!

So so tired. Good night! I had cake for dinner! (The cake was delicious, probably the most impressive cake I've ever had so I filed it in the tiny tiny part of my brain I save wedding ideas in! DON'T JUDGE.)



safire said...

I swear my relatives think every person of the opposite sex is my significant other. NOSY relatives.

It looks like you had such a fun day! I love how colorful everything is. The sculpture in the park looks so UNIQUE. I thought it was a stretched out image.

LeeLee said...

My oh My those strawberries look SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! Yum-my!! 1hr on the Elliptical? You beta WORK!!! LOVE IT!!!

arielcircleofnine said...

An hour on the elliptical and close proximity to the hudson--i am in good company! Good for you on the exercise, salad looks yum (I want to eat the artichoke!) and what a nice celebration!!!

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