Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Busy times around here!

Well, as busy as my laziness can handle!

I’m glad to announce that last week I finally buckled down to this GRE study thing. No use putting all the energy into fretting about studying since much better time is spent actually studying. I’m becoming such a grown up.

What especially helped me get into the study groove is the Math section of the exam. Mostly, because it didn’t really give me a choice. It's such a bully.

Imagine….that I only took one required math class during my first or second year of college. And I don’t think I took math in my last year of high school. Now, imagine that I’m being tested on the stuff from high school and junior high—geometry, fractions, etc.—and I can barely even use a calculator anymore much less solve algebra! I have to RELEARN everything! I’d really thought algebra and geometry were done abusing me…So ya see? I don’t really have a choice, but to study. Really really hard. I’m taking the exam on July 21st. That’s why I’ve been so absent lately. Last night was my first session of my 8 session GRE prep class at Kaplan. Yup yup.

In other news, things are going really well in weight-loss/exercise/eating department. Largely because I'm too busy to overeat. Too busy--isn't that funny? Plus, the combination of regular exercise has also been keeping me grounded.

I miss everyone! I'll be back tomorrow. Love.


Amanda said...

Good news about math and getting older: it makes more sense. Or at least you can make it make more sense. My Bachelor's is in English, and I never met a math class I didn't loathe, but later on I took the prereqs for an engineering degree (long story) including Calculus I and II and statistics and I did revoltingly well.

It comes. It's just painful, LOL.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

You did well?! Hahahaha. I'd die taking Calculus!

safire said...

Good luck with your GRE! I totally get the whole exercise keeping you grounded thing. Right now diet and exercise is the only thing I can control and it's very zen for me when other chaotic things are going on.

MissHaneefa said...

Good Luck! I know you can do it. If you need any math help, I can e-tutor you ;)

jillerwich said...

i missed you grad post. congrats!!! so exciting!! best of luck on the gre. i wish i could give you positive words on math but i am super bad at it. i was working this weekend and had to give change from a $20 for an item that was $5 and i total blanked but if you put your whole mind to it you can do it!

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