Friday, June 24, 2011

this summer.

What's crazy is that I'm unsure of what to blog about anymore! I'm feeling a little uninspired. Maybe it's because GRE prep is sucking up my creative energy since I'm practicing so many dull strategic (ewww) techniques for the exam.

A few days I kept thinking: "I need to blog, I want to blog, BUT I don't know what to say."

Hopefully, my blogger's block goes away soon! For now though, I thought I'd share my plans this summer.

Today--tra la la la--was my last day of work!  I wrapped up my third school year babysitting Jasmine and like I never spend summers with her, I now have my days outstretched waiting for me to make it (what?) studying happen. But I'll see Jasmine in the fall, returning for hopefully my last year since I have dreams of going off to grad school next next fall. She's so grown up these days! When I started babysitting her, she was a little first grader (using the words "accept" and "expect" interchangeably, etc.) and now she's moving on to the 5th grade! This week she went to her second school dance (the other one was earlier in the school year...she doesn't actually dance--I made sure to ask!--just hangs with her girlfriends) and she was SO self-aware about how she looked, asking her mom to braid her hair so she could wear it crinkly and putting on a little fairy necklace and perfume (!!) and asking me if her hair was still crinkly. I feel old, hahahah.

With my time off, I plan to put in extra hours studying for the GRE. I'm taking the exam on July 21--YIKES, almost a month away! Lemme say, studying for this exam has been humbling if nothing else...sometimes I am SO sure I have the right answer only to see that something else made more sense after all. I only hope to do alright on the math as it's more important for me to do well on the verbal and essays since I'm applying to writing programs.

So after I take the GRE hopefully doing alright, the plan is to spend the rest of July and all of August writing a couple stories for my 30 page portfolio to grad programs. Currently, I only have an 8 page story I'm proud of...Ugh, I can't wait till after I take the exam so badly it hurts! Well, it's not that bad...but let's say I'm already thinking of ways to celebrate the very moment after I take the exam. I also just am really excited to write my portfolio even though I imagine that when I start it will be challenging and stressful, but still more fulfilling than GRE stuff!

So that's my summer.

Studying + Writing. It's such a good thing I'm not working (and only PT in the fall) since time is so precious these next few months with the application process.

I'm hoping to fit in a beach day somewhere. And hopefully rides at Coney Island! I'm thinking a couple days to regroup and relax after the exam is only fair...

Look how short my hair was last summer! Crazy!


Now, at graduation weeks ago!

Hoping everyone is well! What are your plans this summer? I wish I had travel plans! Lovelovelove.


He Took MY Last Name said...

are you going to cut your hair again? I think it looks beautiful no matter what length it is.

Good luck with all your studying!! And take lots of pics of Coney Island for me, as I've never been! :)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

:) I kind of want to, but my friends are like, NO!!! Plus, I'm curious to see it long.
The beauty of it so short was that it was so hassel free and was a breeze! Of course I'll take photos for YOU :) Thanks, love!

Christine said...

DREADS!!!!CUTE LITTLE ONES. I will stop screaming now. And kids grow up fast. My sophie will be in 5th grade this year. I REMEMBER being in 5th grade. lol. Haave a fantastic summer. Don't work too hard and miss it.

Christine said...

Or is that dreds. lol I think DREADS is what happens when you have a big test coming up that you have to study for, as in ...the 'DREADS'. lol.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

hahahah know realize that dreads are permanent right?

Yum Yucky said...

Welp, I just missed out on free tickets to Hershey Park. Now we gotta pay. ahahaha! Summer is still gonna be good, though. ;)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

You graduated!!! Congrats!! My summer...blah...working summer school b/c I need the $$$$. That is all. Running my kids up and down the street to choreography classes.That is all. Sometimes I get writer's block and my blog sits there collecting dust. When you're ready to go, your fingers will fly across the keyboard.

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