Thursday, July 7, 2011


Besides from still sometimes eating too much till it hurts, I feel so ready to claim my health. 

Some things I'm certain of: 

When people are mean and you respond in kindness, it kills them.

Nothing nothing matters more than your self respect.

And you have to broken--i.e. reach your lowest point ever...i.e. your feet touching the very bottom of the pit you're climbing out of--to realize what you want, what you want to aspire to. How much more you want to be. That your current situation is too tired too old and doesn't fit anymore. 

That last thing is what I think when someone says to me that they've been circling the same old thing again and again or even making the same mistakes. They haven't learnt yet, they haven't been broken yet is what I think. Because when you've been broken there is anywhere you can go except up.  

But that's just my take on it. For a long time, I wasn't ready to take weight-loss seriously (lots of denial) and even though it's still a challenge, I feel so much faith now. I only have to learn how to sustain healthy living. I'm feeling hopeful can't you tell?! I think my brokenness is knowing I can do so much better, can live so much better, and that it's all so within reach. Really, I'm so blessed to still be breathing that there is no reason I should be living in a body that has a (self caused) toll on me. I think I'm seeing the potential in me--and that breaks me.

These photos--beautiful right?! Saw them on Shanika's camera, was wowed, and asked her to share. She took them in Prospect Park last week.

lovelovelove, friends--can't believe the week is ending already!



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! Keep believing in yourself. Your journey to wellness will be worth every step.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Of course that means so much to me, anon!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

thank you!

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

Amen. I agree, you have to hit rock bottom before you can begin to grow. Beautiful post accompanied by beautiful pics! Keep ya head up lil mama..change is a comin!

paulawannacracker said...

Alexia... I'm just gonna give you a big old [[[HUG]]]. Learning healthy eating habits is such a struggle. Even when we think we've made awesome changes, this food issue we have finds a way to pull us back in. You are correct in that "something" will trigger us back to healthy living and renewal. Like the swan.

Renewal is what I found while sitting in my car waiting for fast food at one of my OLD HAUNTS. It brought me out of the pitt.


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