Wednesday, August 10, 2011

mid week

My goal today was only a little computer use--mostly only blogging! Honestly, I spend too much time looking at a screen. Between time spent on facebook story writing and researching grad programs, it's entirely too much sometimes. So instead I cleaned for awhile, then left to meet my friend at a coffee shop.

Lots of chatting...his girlfriend actually writes a fashion blog he was telling me about.

Later I met Jessica for a spin class. Working out has been feeling so good lately and I stepped on the scale tonight to see some happy changes [insert happy face] I love the exercise routine Jess and I planned for this week and I think I'm going to stick to a version of it next week, too.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Strength Training/Spinning
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Strength Training
Saturday: Rest Day

Eating has been good. I haven't been completely committed to tracking--a little here and there--but I have been paying better attention to my hunger cues so that I haven't been counting calories but only estimating and eating reasonably and so that I feel comfortably full. I actually had dessert for two days in a row now!

I'm off to read for a bit, then my favorite part of the day: sleeping :) hahaha I'm such an old lady Goodnight. lovelovelove


Kelsey said...

OoOoo wanna go check out that fashion blog his girlfriend writes!! But first I want to comment- I love going for tea and coffee with friends, it's become my weekly treat for de-stressing and catching up <3

xoxo <3

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

<3 hello miz.

Candy said...

awww thx for the shoutout :)

not sure if he told you, but I am a workout-aholic. If you ever need tips, feel free to ask :)


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