Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wed nes day.

Busy busy like a...bee?

And trying to manage everything--and still have fun (because it's warm and lovely these days, hallelujah)

My biggest goals this month with the applicant business is to draft two stories and to narrow down the list of programs I want to apply to--much harder than it probably sounds!

Meanwhile, my goals today mixed with seeing pretty people made it a little challenging to see everyone and get my work in. Getting anything done on Monday was sort of a bust because I just couldn't for some reason and yesterday I spent with my friend Ransom and was only able to work on some stuff that evening.

Before meeting Erika for lunch, I:

Emailed three people I want to ask for the three recommendations required for programs.

Emailed someone else important...related again to the applicant process.

Made a smoothie with frozen berries, vanilla soymilk, half a banana, ice and water.

Started writing this blog post!

Then meeting Erika, then the train, then lunch (I packed mine and we picnicked).

Then walking for a few minutes, then meeting Jessica, then the gym.

I knew I wanted to see Jessica (remember I interviewed her?) and figured I could get her to use a three day free pass I had for my gym I could kill two birds with a stone.

Ahhh, we did. We took a 1 hour sculpting class that slayed me. In all honesty I've never worked so hard in my life. The sets wouldn't stop!

Now, I'm camped out in Barnes and Noble's coffee shop for a little working on my one of my stories. I'm trying to do something different--a different voice with this story--because the other two stories I'm thinking of submitting as my writing sample are both narrated in the voice of a young girl and I worry it may make me look like I lack range.

Hope you had a great day!


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