Thursday, June 9, 2011

the sweat issue.

Since finals ended on May 24th, I have been STRUGGLING to study for the GRE. (Come December, I’m applying for MFA programs in Creative Writing, and although some programs don’t require the Graduate Record Examination, some do so I’m taking the exam to widen my options.) Maybe I was too burned out to study so quickly after finals. That was my thinking, so then I gave myself a break for a few days until my graduation last Thursday. But studying has still been a struggle! Especially because people keep asking to hang out and I keep saying YES!!!!!!

Take this past weekend for example:

Are you going to Salisa’s graduation BBQ? Yes.
Do you want to go for a walk in the city? Yes.
Let’s do something tomorrow? Yes.
Do you want to go to Coney Island? Yes.
Are you coming to Joy’s house?  Yes.
Do you want some Golden Krust? Yes.
Do you want some vodka? NO, no I don’t drink nasty things. (But I accidentally drank some anyway since Melissa mixed hers with fruit punch and I thought I was stealing a sip of her fruit punch! Nasty! See, I can’t win!)

But one thing I realized while gallivanting around the city not studying is that I don’t sweat in the heat nearly as much as I use to. When I stopped to consider it, that was also the case last summer and the summer before that!

A little background: In high school around 16 or so, I started to sweat a lot. I always wore deodorant and it wasn’t that I smelled, instead it was a lot of perspiration! I remember mentioning it to my Pediatrician and he said it was probably related to my weight and needing to lose. I also remember wearing light colored shirts and being so self-conscious because the sweat marks were way noticeable. Like the sweat could and would reach down from under my arms to the top of my bra line! 

This all came back to me because when I saw Joy--one of my girlfriends from high school--at Salisa's graduation barbecue this weekend, she said, “Alexia, you’re still wearing black!”

    Joy and I.

 It’s true—I did wear lots of black tops in hot weather to prevent the visibility of sweat marks. But these days, I mostly wear too many colors at once. Aggressive sweat marks haven’t been a problem for me in so long I can’t remember when last. Weight-loss and just generally being mindful about my health, has been wonderful for me in so many ways I just wanted to share one with you all today.

Melissa--remember her?--was also at Salisa's barbecue and so glad to be back home in NY. (We all went to high school together.)

Tonight, I have date with my GRE Math prep book! The math prep is almost kinda fun when I trick my mind into thinking it’s like a game with dull dull rules…


P.S. These photos are Joy's which I stole off facebook!

P.P.S. Leopard print is tres chic!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

let them eat cake.

A good day involves:

Mangoes (in my hair).

Morning exercise--an hour on the elliptical--to get it over with! And lots of walking throughout the rest of the day.

The farmers market. 

An interesting gigantic sculpture in the park where Jasmine has a playdate while I enjoy my fabulous (store bought) salad.

Then later, sitting by the Hudson river with my friends, Shanika and Ransom.

They got me a coconut lemon cake from Whole Foods, which I had admired earlier this week in consideration of my mother's birthday next week, and presents of beautiful potted flowers!

Ransom sings beautifully so he is training professionally, and if you have a conversation with Shanika she can pick up on speech/language issues because it's what she's studies in her (Speech Pathology) masters program.  

A couple years ago, Ransom and I took this photo together (below) and recently he called it "iconic" because back when he posted it on his facebook profile so many people started messaging him asking if I was his girlfriend, HA! Gotta love nosy people on facebook. Hilarious!

So so tired. Good night! I had cake for dinner! (The cake was delicious, probably the most impressive cake I've ever had so I filed it in the tiny tiny part of my brain I save wedding ideas in! DON'T JUDGE.)


Hello Summer.

Winter < Weight-loss.
Summer > Weight-loss.

I don't know why!

Maybe it's because I can't help somethings, like requiring more water to stay hydrated and doing more walking. Maybe it's that I'm off from classes and it's always been a challenge for me to maintain regular gym use/healthy eating and everything that my professors requirED(<---hahahaha) of me.

Last last summer when I started this weight-loss journey, I gained some back in the fall.
Last summer I lost weight (got down to the 180s!), only to gain it back over the semester.
This summer I've already put on my weight-loss boots flip flops!

Today was my first day back at the gym in hour on the elliptical, ROWR. I was so convinced that the woman at the front desk smiled at me knowingly! And no, I looked around but didn't see Ryan.

Honestly, I never know why I put exercise on the backburner! It is magical, giving me time to unwind, and just generally makes me feel really really good about myself and like I'm ready to tackle my to-do list!

Anyways, I just wanted to stop by for a hot minute. To say hey. Hey. I hope amazing things are happening for you healthfully! Me? I'm trying to chip away at my june health goals, day by day...


Friday, June 3, 2011

This past Thursday...

I officially graduated!

(My face is like the moon, but browner...)

With my baccalaureate in Journalism and Creative Writing studies.

(No, no, I don't have hopes to make lots of money of course.)

I had never seen so much purple in my life in one place. Maybe Jessica is beaming because she loves the color purple?!

I hated that hat--took it off as soon as I could!!

I swear my brother is smiling!!

So so glad to be done with undergrad and to move on to another phase of my life you have no idea...

Have a fabulous weekend! I wish I could have been more present these past few weeks, but I promise that I'm back to the community and that I'll spend this upcoming week catching up on your blogs. lovelovelove.--Alexia