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Sunday, August 28, 2011

AMAZING friend: Christina

first: Last night I had a dream I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and I got to wear a beautiful white dress. You know that white bridesmaids dresses are all the rave now, right? Not that I think about such things. Heh. The heavy wind broke my dream though. Still, Irene has really been less of a worry than I thought (in my neck of the woods) but unfortunately has proved more disastrous elsewheres. 

second: Did anyone try to get to my blog over the last couple days and instead got a message alerting them not to visit because of malware? I'm so glad Google, who owns blogger, is on top of that stuff - they alerted me and blog visitors. I had to erase my html, take down my blog temporarily, delete all of my gadgets, change my password, etc. I don't have a strong knowledge of malware/malicious threats but basically my website was compromised so I deleted/changed stuff for safety. Here's more info if you're interested.

third: Today I'm posting an interview with my friend, Christina!!!!  I saw on her myfitnesspal updates that she's almost lost 50 pounds and I had to get her to share her story :) Below is us studying for the Linguistics final last semester. Jessica was probably across the table watching us take yet another study break, hahaha...We all had linguistics together and I didn't really talk to Christina until the semester started winding down! I did notice her always sitting next to Jessica though, after I'd snuck into class late. We did speak once according to Christina: we were in the same group for one class and apparently I turned to her to ask if we had to memorize whatever the professor was saying. She said she said yes and I sighed then went to daydreaming. That's totally me like! Ha.

Describe yourself in ten words, please:
Sweet, charismatic, shy, sarcastic, drama queen, shopper, persistent, loner, singer, bipolar ^_^

Please tell us a little about your health journey. Anything you've discovered about yourself?
Well, I started this journey in March 2011, right after I quit my job. I was working and going to school, performing all of my duties like a robot but I wasn't really living. I wasn't doing anything for myself really, except sabotaging my health with poor eating habits. I've been overweight all my life but over the years I just kept packing on the pounds until I reached 273 pounds. Yeah at 5'3 that was pretty unbelievable for me. I decided to focus on school and really start dedicating myself to losing weight. It's been tough, but when I found the website:, it really helped me get on track with my nutrition. This site has taught me to consider more than just calories when making food choices. I track my calories, carbs, protein, fiber, and sodium on this site and I'm learning a lot more about what food choices can really make a difference (negatively or positively) in your attempt to lose weight. Another benefit from the site is the online community...I never really thought I needed support from anyone but it really makes a big difference when you get to interact with others who are on the same journey as you, whether their goals are similar or not. I find that even though my friends and family in real life can be supportive, there are times when they just don't understand. I've learned a lot from the people that have had success on that site and whenever I'm feeling like my hard work isn't paying off they remind me of the progress I've made so far and why I'm doing this in the first place. Fast forward 6 months later aka now and I've lost 48 pounds, my mini-goal was to lose 50 by my birthday on Sept. 10th but it looks like I might be achieving it before my birthday so I'm excited to reach that 50 lb loss mark!

What simple advice would you give someone trying to get healthier and/or lose weight?
My advice would be that there is no magical pill, drink or fad diet that will help you lose weight and maintain it for a long time. I know many people who have found quick ways to lose weight and in the end, they find that after it's over they're having trouble making food choices, or avoiding eating altogether in fear that they will gain the weight back. So, if you really want to lose weight, don't rush it, take it slow and steady and do it the right way: through diet and exercise. Also, you don't have to go cold turkey and eat nothing but salads and vegetables with no indulgence of your favorite things ever again. Trying to be perfect with all of your choices will only lead to binging and falling back into your old habits. Perfection is not key but perseverance is, you will learn what you need to work on over time nutrition wise. So, try to control your portions, and find alternatives to some of the things you love. Personally, I use to cook lighter versions of some of my favorite foods and occasionally allow myself something I've been really craving. Also, change your cardio up once in a while so your body doesn't get used to solely one thing.

Can you tell us anything about your short-term health goals?
Well, right now I'm just really looking forward to getting to what Myfitnesspal refers to as "ONEderland" aka being under 200 pounds. I'm 224 right now and the last time I was under 200 pounds I was 12 years old! =(=( So yeah, getting under the 200 mark would def. be a proud accomplishment for me. Also, I'd love to actually do Jillian Michaels 30 day shred for 30 days straight instead of twice a week =p.

Long-term health goals?
It's hard for me to really know what my ultimate goal weight would be because I've never been thin and I have no idea at what weight I'd be comfortable in. For 5'3, the BMI indicates 140 would be a healthy weight for me but I don't really go by the BMI because everyone carries their weight differently. I guess since I have so much weight to lose my long term goals would just be maintaining when I reach a weight I feel the most fit in and working on toning and strength training. With so much weight to lose, the prospect of loose skin lingers in the back of my head so I am considering reconstructive surgery if strength training and toning alone does not cut it. Overall, I feel like I've finally developed a healthy relationship with food and I'd like to keep it that way forever =)

befores + afters

(Did I mention that Christina has the sweetest face?!)



I'm so happy for Christina! She inspires me, esp because she realizes that quick fixes are nonsense and learning healthy habits is where lifelong weight maintenance is at.

Friday, August 26, 2011


We’re prepping for a hurricane here in New York! They say it should affect a few east side states. Apparently, it’s starts tomorrow evening.

New York is in a state of evacuation – people who live in watery areas are told to move to safer places and by noon tomorrow the MTA (transit system) will start to shut down. It’s serious business when the trains aren’t running, folks!

I was supposed to go camping this weekend (church trip) and was super excited but it got canceled. That’s how I first heard about Irene (the hurricane’s name). I was like, “What hurricane?” Haven’t been reading the news recently…and I didn’t realize it’s suppose to hit so close to New York. Keep us in your thoughts, prayers!

In other news, today I cleaned for a bit and found this…

I thought, “My face is a bit thinner there.” When I lose weight it shows especially in my face fyi.
I had to get photographed for some kind of documentation and then I couldn’t find this photo and was upset to have to retake photos. But that turned out to be what I would have had to do anyway because I shouldn’t have been wearing that scarf for important documentation stuff!

Then eventually, I made my way to the gym today. 5th day this week!! The spin class filled up super quickly so I couldn't take it. Apparently people wanted to get their exercise in since they don't know when next they can...funny.

After an hour on the elliptical, my weekly OA meeting. They got me to speak today! I'm usually quiet listening to what everyone has to share. However today they were so few people attending (about nine of us...folks off stocking up on food, water) and the leader was like, "Do you want to say something?" after everyone else did. HA. Cornered. So I said something about being grateful to be there and hearing everyone share...I didn't share anything about my struggles because I'm not ready for that yet.

Oh, but what’s interesting is that today doesn’t look like we can expect a hurricane tomorrow at all.

I guess time will tell. TTYL (i.e. tomorrow i.e. I’ll probably blog everyday this weekend since the subways won’t be operating and I’ll be stuck at home working on grad applications looking at my hands.)

Love, Alexia

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cleaning out my indox

I spent two hours cleaning out my indox a little while ago!


Lots of the stuff I deleted were comments from my old blog, "my wicked wicked ways" and comments from this blog as well. It reminded me of how grateful I am that people actually stop by here and even take the time to leave a few worlds. I can't express it enough because I have friends here who sincerely care about me. It means so much to me. Thank you. Love, Alexia

Monday, August 22, 2011

I believe #3: weaknesses teach us sympathy

Recently, I was thinking that if nothing else I’m blessed to be (for the time being) overweight and to have issues with eating because it helps me to be kinder to other lives. It’s given me a certain perspective. Because in my weakness (and how society demeans fat bodies) I’m able to sympathize with the weaknesses and trials of others.

I’m sure most of you had to read “The Great Gatsby” in high school (it’s one of those books they make us read) and there is a quote I love from that book so so much:

In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I’ve been turning over in my mind ever since. "Whenever you feel like criticizing any one," he told me, "just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had." He didn’t say any more, but we’ve always been unusually communicative in a reserved way, and I understood that he meant a great deal more than that. In consequence, I’m inclined to reserve all judgments.

 Have your weaknesses taught you anything?



I believe # 1: fat steals my beauty 

 I believe #2: in feeling hungry

Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday love: green stuff

I saw green stuff yesterday!

I went to a statepark 45 min out of Manhattan with Shanika--and two of our friends who are newly engaged! (My first friends to get engaged! I was so happy when I heard the news. I love weddings :) Living in New York, it's easy to lose touch with nature. And clean air, hehehe


The good new: I had lots of good times last week!
The bad news: A few bad ones, too. But the good outnumbered the bad for sure.

My goals last week were:
- Gym five days--DONE
- Food logging every day--4/6 days Not bad!!
-2 support group meetings--I made it to one great meeting, which is ok. Really, I only need to make one a week. I don't know why I'm trying to make two.
-Finish my third story--I did it!!!! But my whole writing sample needs alot of editing and rewriting. I guess I have the core of what I want to submit (drafts of three stories) but it needs a lifetime of work so the plan is the submit the best work I can. 

I started to falter last week when friday came around. Fridays and saturdays are usually my biggest challenges with eating too much. I think it's a number of things: the fact that I usually don't exercise on these two days, plus when I do work (I start working again with the school year) my work week ends on thursday. This time I didn't eat too badly, didn't eat too too much but I didn't track 100%.

My goals this week: 
- Gym five days
- Food logging every day!!
-1 support group meeting
-Complete my grad school app checklist for this week

Have a great week everyone! New weeks always feel so full of possibility for me :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

needs inspiration

I meant to blog last night but yesterday was a hard day for me and I fell asleep all anxiety worried without planning to! I know this may sound silly to those of you with stressful jobs and lives, but I was/still am stressed about a story I'm working on. But yesterday's walk through the farmer's market lifted my spirits!

The thing about this story is that I have an idea I like but the trouble is executing it. Plus, I think the stress of the application process is hitting me hard. I'm trying to relax though! I'm taking the next two days off writing to recoop. But how is everyone? I'm happy with how this week is going for me: I'm tracking, eating alright, and tomorrow God willing will make my fifth day of exercise for the week.  Yesterday Jessica and I had plans to take an ultimate training class in the evening but she texted me saying that she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend. Sounds nice :)
So I did an hour on the elliptical and we meet for a yoga class this morning.

I'm just going to make this one an extra short one because I'm tired. have a great night! love, alexia

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

B+ for good enough not excellent

Music to my ears right right now: baby, there's a shark in the water!!!!

I heard that song at my gym some months ago so I memorized that line from the song but couldn't remember it later. Well, I heard the song playing again at my gym some days ago and remembered it this time. It's excellent live! I just really love when the british sing.

Please note that below is a photo of Jessica doing romantic things with her hands in Target's seating/eating area!!!!

Which is what she was doing when she finished her lunch and I was still at mine.

Halal food <3

I was suppose to meet my friend, Ransom, for Halal street cart food but he wouldn't answer his phone.  So I had lunch with Jessica instead and since I had it in my mind that I was going to have Halal food for lunch and was excited, I still went for it hells yes.
In workout news, this morning Jess and I went to a challenging spin class. I didn't expect the instructor to be so hard because she strolled in 5 minutes late, haha. Uh judging a book by it's cover? But it was a hard class--and she kept correcting my posture since I bounce too much on the bike! There wasn't much people present so she could really focus on personal attention which teacher's pet Jessica said she liked! 

I was telling Jessica afterwards in the locker room that sometimes I don't always push myself as hard as I can while working out. It's just so uncomfortable. It's hurts. I don't like that. I guess I reach for the B+ and not the A ya know? Jessica was saying something about maximizing time which I totally agree with but exercise hurts! It feels wonderful after but crossing the bridge of discomfort and hard work is hard sometimes. Thoughts? I can't be the only lazy one! hahahah. love, me

Monday, August 15, 2011

how on time are you?

Ah, clean clothes--spent sometime today washing 'em--is the bestest. Yesterday's goal of getting laundry done was overridden by the rain. It rained literally all of Sunday--and a little bit even got pushed unto today! But I'm not complaining since that means the temperature has cooled down some. Funny: I heard someone telling someone else on the phone in Whole Food's today that it rained so much he thought the world was ending.

But in general today has been good! Clean underwear, good gym time, a little play time [ i.e. reading], paying attention to hunger and fullness cues while eating...happy, happy. I got some worthwhile stuff written on the story I'm working on, too. AND and one of the professors I asked for a recommendation--for grad school programs (applying come winter)--finally responded to me! I was a little worried because he hadn't gotten back to me, not since I emailed last week and I was concerned about finding someone else because no one is familiar with my writing like he and the other professor who has already said he is happy to write one for me.

In other news, today was Jessica's and my hardest anticipated day at the gym for the week. Since last Monday's trial we agreed to stick to a back to back chisel (60 min) and spin class (45 min) with the same teacher at Crunch. This guy's classes are the best! I always feel so good after. Every other day we spend less time in the gym though...I'm not exactly sure what the plan is tomorrow if we're working out or not. Jessica?!

Speaking of her, Jessica and I have very different reactions to timing responsibilities.

For this morning's classes for example, Jessica was there super early while I stumbled in a few minutes before class. And she set up my spot with weights to help me out so that the room wouldn't fill up!

When I have to be somewhere at a designated time, I stumble in a couple minutes early but usually just on time and very often five to ten minutes late. <--lateness even though it happens to me, I actually hate it. I think it's so tacky. I always feel so embarrassed and bad that someone was waiting for me.

But Jessica? Always super early for everything! Like she'll show up to appointments an hour early. When I found out she was early for a class at our gym I was so confused, so I asked, "But what did you do?" I asked because in my mind it sounds horrible to be so early for something and not have anything to do.

"Well, I have a book and my knitting supplies," said she.


I usually say "Ohhh" when someone says something so enlightening and sensible. Hahaha. Jessica also said it helps her nerves and she just likes to feel relaxed and prepared. Riveting!

Tell nosy me, are you usually early/late/just on time? What?


Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunday love: three easy things.

three easy healthy things I've been mindful of lately:

eat less meat

drink less of anything--that's not esp nutritionally helpful--else but water
[the first time I started thinking about losing weight, I stopped drinking anything but lots of water and just like that I lost 20 pounds without even thinking much about it!]

pay attention to what you're eating
tracking! it's so easy and I don't know why we--especially me!--act like it's hard, hahah

Speaking of tracking, my goals last week huh huh?
- Gym five days---> Did well on this! hiya
- Food logging every day---I did ok the first couple days then stuck with intuitive eating which only works short term for me. I never learn! After short term, I eat too much like the cake just now.
- 2 support group meetings--->FAIL. didn't attend even one.
- Finish my story!!!!---> DONE :)

This week I want to work better at tracking and actually attending meetings. Here are my goals:

-Gym five days
- Food logging every day!!
-2 support group meetings: I'm going to pick which days in a planner to go so I can ensure that I actually do.
-Finish my third story. My goal is to complete the third story for my writing sample this week, which is going to be a bit of a challenge since I've been writing so so slowly lately, haha. Remember how I was complaining about feeling uninspired? It's improved a bit!

off to do laundry, then reading then some more reading. happy new week! love, me

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

mid week

My goal today was only a little computer use--mostly only blogging! Honestly, I spend too much time looking at a screen. Between time spent on facebook story writing and researching grad programs, it's entirely too much sometimes. So instead I cleaned for awhile, then left to meet my friend at a coffee shop.

Lots of chatting...his girlfriend actually writes a fashion blog he was telling me about.

Later I met Jessica for a spin class. Working out has been feeling so good lately and I stepped on the scale tonight to see some happy changes [insert happy face] I love the exercise routine Jess and I planned for this week and I think I'm going to stick to a version of it next week, too.

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: Strength Training/Spinning
Tuesday: Spinning
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Strength Training
Saturday: Rest Day

Eating has been good. I haven't been completely committed to tracking--a little here and there--but I have been paying better attention to my hunger cues so that I haven't been counting calories but only estimating and eating reasonably and so that I feel comfortably full. I actually had dessert for two days in a row now!

I'm off to read for a bit, then my favorite part of the day: sleeping :) hahaha I'm such an old lady Goodnight. lovelovelove

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

gym partner.

Remember Jessica, la la la?

My creation

She is my gym partner these days!

I had a three day trial for my gym and we wanted to hang out last week so we worked out together. (Working out with friends is such a great way to kill two birds with one stone btw) On the second day we took the hardest class I've ever taken ever. It's called "Super Sculpt" and was like the shred BUT worse. Imagine doing a level of the shred where the repetitions won't stop. And the class was 60 min! Somehow I finished the class and did not cry, hahahah.

The third day we did a yoga class (it was okay. It wasn't hot yoga where my heart is at) and after we were done, Jessica told me that she'd gotten an email coupon that very same morning from some NY social deals site--apparently the site email deals going on in the city--which offered a month long use of Crunch for less than half of what I'm paying for membership!!, plus a personal training session and use of all ten locations in NY. Jessica took it--we both thought it was a sign! She says that she likes Crunch alot and can imagine getting a membership if she had a job. So we have each other as exercise partners for a month!

Mostly exercise has been a solitary thing for me which has been good since it gives me time to unwind and think about things. In many ways it has been a kind of therapy for me. But since I'm out of school, not working currently, and spending so much time writing alone, it good to have someone to exercise with.

What's your exercise life like? Do you work out alone/at home/etc.? I'm nosy--always nosy--to know. 

Love, me.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

sunday love.


Did you notice I changed my background back after only a little while trying something new?

Current (and what I always come back to):

Confession: Messing around with my layout is one of my favorite blogging things ever.

When I first started blogging, I loved this blue spirals one.


But after awhile I found it too busy and elementary. So I tried this one:


Too bright!

This one below I liked but something wasn't quite right about it.


This other one was cute but too "dear diary" with the polka dots somehow...


Too leafy...


So the current one seems to work the best for me--the best of very limited pickings!--and I don't like when bloggers change their layout too much so I'm holding off on the design template for awhile, hahaha. When it comes to visuals and presentation, I am SO anal. I worked as the Art Director at my undergrad's paper for a couple years and when it came time for me to leave, the Editor In Chief wrote about me in the letter from the editor, "our art director whose organization skills rival that of Mr. Dewey Decimal himself, sets for me a constant example of what it means to be scrupulous." Oh man, was I scrupulous. READ: anal.

In other news, last week went really well which gives me hope for the rest of the month: I exercised on most days, went to my eating support group (which I haven't done for some time and is always so helpful for me), and really paid attention to my hunger cues. HAPPY, happy. I hope everyone is well! I know I haven't made myself so available to stop by to cheer you on and I want to change that because it means so much to me to have support, to know that someone understands. Okay, enough PDA.

I've decided to start weighing in and make weekly goals again! For now, I will share my goals for this week:

- Gym five days
- Food logging every day <---so important
- 2 support group meetings
- Finish my story!!!!

Last week I was slugging along feeling so uninspired. I was/still am working on a story but it took me so long to create material and just to generally feel like I was producing anything meaningful. I'm hoping this week is better. Love, me. HAVE A HAPPY WEEK <3

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wed nes day.

Busy busy like a...bee?

And trying to manage everything--and still have fun (because it's warm and lovely these days, hallelujah)

My biggest goals this month with the applicant business is to draft two stories and to narrow down the list of programs I want to apply to--much harder than it probably sounds!

Meanwhile, my goals today mixed with seeing pretty people made it a little challenging to see everyone and get my work in. Getting anything done on Monday was sort of a bust because I just couldn't for some reason and yesterday I spent with my friend Ransom and was only able to work on some stuff that evening.

Before meeting Erika for lunch, I:

Emailed three people I want to ask for the three recommendations required for programs.

Emailed someone else important...related again to the applicant process.

Made a smoothie with frozen berries, vanilla soymilk, half a banana, ice and water.

Started writing this blog post!

Then meeting Erika, then the train, then lunch (I packed mine and we picnicked).

Then walking for a few minutes, then meeting Jessica, then the gym.

I knew I wanted to see Jessica (remember I interviewed her?) and figured I could get her to use a three day free pass I had for my gym I could kill two birds with a stone.

Ahhh, we did. We took a 1 hour sculpting class that slayed me. In all honesty I've never worked so hard in my life. The sets wouldn't stop!

Now, I'm camped out in Barnes and Noble's coffee shop for a little working on my one of my stories. I'm trying to do something different--a different voice with this story--because the other two stories I'm thinking of submitting as my writing sample are both narrated in the voice of a young girl and I worry it may make me look like I lack range.

Hope you had a great day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

last august.