I’m Alexia. I'm 23 this past spring.

Lover of mangoes, the sea, and fluttery airy things. Beautiful things in general. These.

Welcome to my little place on the world wide web!

I’m so thrilled you’re here, reading my public journal…spending a moment of your precious time paying mind to what I have to say! Imagine that.

Dimple Snatcher is my thought collections on trying to treat my body kindly. Weight-loss is talked about some, needing to sleep more, working to find balance. Healing from a teetering sometimes disordered relationship with food.

I cut my hair off once.

I’m originally from Jamaica, now living in New York. I’m a terribly Jamaican though: I don’t drink tea in the mornings and if you met me in real life, you’d only hear traces of a once accent.

Mmmm, what else? I like doing things with my hands, like cooking or taking a photograph. I went to undergrad for storytelling (Journalism and Creative writing specifically) and am hoping to get my masters in that too, hopefully starting next fall, so I mention the application process on the blog every now and then.

Once again, loving that you’re here. Don’t be a stranger. Don't be a pervert.