Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Apple Picking.

I went apple picking for the first time this weekend, and later I realized that it's the first time I've picked and eaten from a tree in over ten years since we left Jamaica. Isn't that insane? I live in New York, by the way.

This summer I grew tomato plants in pots, but that doesn't count.
One of highlights of my childhood was climbing our mango tree.

I almost ate a bee or a wasp. I'm not sure which. And we spotted a nest.

My friend, Juliette/Julieta.

I added half of one of the apples I brought home to today's brunch. I've really fallen in love with almond butter recently.
Hope y'all are well!



Kelsey said...

aweee that crate/fort thingy ur sitting in reminds me of a wooden hut my brother made when he was 7 or 8 and i have a picture of me sitting in it, it looks so similar!!
wow i need to try apple with almond butter paired next to hard boiled eggs- that sounds and looks DELICIOUS!! <3

Alessandra said...

Hi, congrat on your new blog, what a start! Brava!!


anne h said...

Yay - you got the followers button.
Now I can say HI anytime!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

I've never eaten anything right off a vine!

Toot said...

I love your new blog!!!!! ------> adding it to my blog reader. I'm going to inbox you tomorrow, just to say HI!!!! (I know, crazy but that's just me:))

Glam,Glitz&amp;Gut said...

Beautiful pictures!

TJ said...

mmm apples! :) Almond butter & I had to break up about a year ago. :( I miss him. lol

Shay said...

Love the pictures! Hopefully I get to go apple picking one day. That looked more like a bee you almost ate but I could never be too sure LoL

arielcircleofnine said...

Glad you didnt eat the bug!!! And mmm I love apples--cortland are my fave!

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