Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back to the gym.

You know what's harder after you haven't done it for awhile?

It's the "e" word. 

Yup, that "e" word.


But let's back track a little. 

I left this guy at home and headed out to the gym. Wrapped in my laptop charger, he takes lazy sunday way seriously.
Then on my way to the train station, I spotted something blue.

When I got into the city, I realized that I'd forgotten to bring a pre-workout snack with me. So I stopped in a store looking for something healthy and reasonably priced. I left with an overpriced ($2.59) Kind Bar. I'd been meaning to try one of these after seeing them on Jenn's blog way back when.

I tried the Apricot Almond flavored one at 190 calories. Folks, it so so good. Almost worth $2.59 ;) I kid. I kid. I've tried Luna & Cliff bars and I'm not a big fan. I prefer Kind Bars--or at least the one flavor I tried. I loved that the bar relied on natural fruits and nuts for flavors and for the bulk of it's ingredients. I actually don't recall more than five ingredients.

Well, anyway, I finally got to the gym. The first thing I did was to sign up for a 5:15 hour long spinning class. Since I was early, I also did twenty eight minutes on the elliptical. Honestly, I was only a bit motivated on the machine. Like I said, I hadn't worked out in so long.

I've found that fitness classes suit me better and that was the case today. I was motivated to work hard because I wanted to keep up with everyone and the instructor pushed us really hard. Overall, the class was really really good. I can't remember why I stayed away from the gym for so long!

 After I left the gym, I stopped at Trader Joe's and was immediately distracted by some cuties.
Don't be fooled. They're actually in this size range.

I didn't buy anything at Trader Joe's. The lines were too long.  So I headed off to babysit for a friend in the area.

While the kids were sleeping, babysitter me had a piece of chocolate :)
And then some brown cow cream top maple yogurt with sunflower seed butter, kashi cereal, and half a banana.
I'd never tried sunflower butter before. When I tasted it by itself, I wasn't big on it. But I really really liked it in yogurt mix.

Hope everyone is well :)))))

Now, I'm off to school work!
Till tomorrow...



Miz said...

happy E day!!!!!!

Simply Life said...

oh I love kind bars -looks great!

arielcircleofnine said...

congrats at getting back to the gym...and i dont know what the maple cream top yogurt is, but I WANT SOME!

Baglady said...

Love the photos, especially the gorgeous cats.

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