Monday, October 25, 2010

Breakfast Soup.

My mother’s soup.

Yes, please.

I came home to soup last night. And even though I’d already eaten for the night, I was tempted. Then I remember that I’d already posted all my eats for the day on this here blog to help me keep on track. So I drank some water instead. Probably my favorite weight-loss tip: It's okay to go a bed a little hungry.

Now, back to the soup :)
I enjoyed a bowl this morning. With avocado. In our house, we’re almost incapable of eating/drink soup with what you probably call avocado, and we call "pear."  If we make soup then realize that we have no avocado/pear in the house, we almost don’t know what to do with ourselves. It's a tiny tragedy! How Jamaican of us.

My mother made the soup from what we call "gungo peas" and Americans seem to call "pigeon peas." She used lots of ground provisions: yams, potatoes, etc. I need to learn how to make this soup!

Be back soon...



TJ said...

yes, you need to learn how to make it and come make it for ME! :) hehe Looks so good & warm!!! I have the warm fuzzies looking at it hehe :)

gracefulfitness said...

I agree, it's actually nice to go to bed just a wee bit hungry and it's great to wake up hungry. And I want to know what's in that soup!

Yum Yucky said...

If you could only hear my stomach growl in celebration I read about your soup.....

PS: my Grandad was a Jamaican (and I got married there, too), so we're like basically sisters 'n stuff.

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