Thursday, October 21, 2010

I will.

Look what happens to my skin when the semester workload starts to affect my sleep, I'm not drinking enough water or eating well. And sssssshhhhh, I haven't gone to the gym since the month started, which is especially painful since I'm living above my means and paying $85 per month at Crunch. .
So just to remind myself, here are some health goals I made so I won't end the semester with my skin in an even worse place and twenty five pounds heavier:

- I will track my food, cook, and eat well. And bring food from home = Hello poorness, I'm Alexia.
- I will drink lots of water.
- I will exercise at least 25 minutes per day.
- I will get more sleep.
- I will use my organizer so I can stay on top of my eating well, exercise, homework, studying, EVERYTHING.

Will come back tomorrow to share specifically what I want to work towards for the next week. And it's been so busy I haven't seen how you gals (guy? guys?) are doing. Will stop by soon! Promise.



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