Wednesday, October 27, 2010

in love of fat love.

see here.
thanks for apologizing, maura kelly. i really believe it comes from a sincere place.

bottom photo: me and my shea butter obessed friend, ransom. he's a big guy and he has the most beautiful singing voice i've ever heard.

contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, fat people feel, too.
all of us do.



cmoursler said...

amen alexia...I didn't read that stupid article because quite frankly, I care what some former anorexic thinks of fat peoples sex lives. She has issues still, and from the comments on her comments...she needs a little 'help'.

cmoursler said...

just saw the pic of your friend ransom...handsome guy. just sayin'

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

hahahahhaha you trouble maker you! he's just a friend.

gingersnapper said...

That's a beautiful photo of you and your friend.

gingersnapper said...

Also I want to say, that so-called apology of hers is worse than the original article! Is she really that clueless, or is this some sort of hoax thought up by Marie Clare to garner attention?

Ro said...

I didn’t read the article...I think it bull...and they want to stir up some stuff....because really Marie Claire?!?!

Nice pic of you two...and I am loving the name Ransom...ask him can we hear him sing?!?!? :-)

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

I'm glad she apologized, hopefully its heart felt. It's a bit hard to believe someone could say such foul things.

Amanda said...

Marie Clare, sadly, is taking great glee in these "articles" of theirs (I question giving them true journalistic cred) that stir up the blogosphere. I doubt they're going to stop.

The creeps.

Great pictures of both you and Ransom :)

River said...

Keep apologizing... You freaking thought that way to begin with. The apology means nothing. Go bully yourself!

Sorry but that's how I feel.

Lovely photo ♥

Katie J said...

I love your smiles - they speak volumes!

She sincerely has some internal issues to work through and hope she does so before she engages in writing again.

I have never subscribed to Marie Claire but with the last two screw ups with their writers I will never ever buy or read one.

Paula Rodriguez said...


I'm sorry someone was rude to you via comments. Not cool. I watched the Today show and Matt Lauer talked about the Marie Claire article. I'm with Chris on this one... I didn't need to hear what she had to say... we all feel regardless of our size and have the right to be happy.

Glad you're posting your wonderful fotos on your blog. I'll miss wicked, wicked ways but glad to come here.


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