Thursday, October 28, 2010

my first deleted comment + marie claire.

True story: I've been blogging for almost a year now. For most of that time, I was blogging elsewhere. I only recently started this blog.

True story: Till this morning, no one has ever posted an unkind comment on my blog. And till this morning, I never thought I'd ever delete a comment. I've always been grateful for the wonderful friendships I've made here. I follow blogs where the blogger warns something to the effect of, "My blog, my rules. I'll delete inappropriate comments." But, I never thought I'd delete a comment. I figured I could respectfully disagree with the person(s) and move on from there. But that wasn't the case when it actually happened to me.

Someone name Allie wrote, "Please stop plugging your website all over that article. It's horribly rude and desperate." By "that article" she meant the Marie Claire article I wrote about last night on this blog post. I didn't understand why she would want to attack me. I only wrote two comments out of nearly two thousand. I deleted Allie's comment because I didn't want anyone to believe her.

True story: I have absolutely no interest in appearing "horribly rude" or "desperate." I take my sincerity as a blog reader and writer very seriously. I don't include my blog address when I comment on your blogs and although I follow and read a lot of blogs, I make it a practice not to comment unless I have something meaningful to say. I take all of you seriously.

However, I was comfortable signing my comments on Marie Claire with "Alexia," or mentioning that I had written about the article on my blog, both of which I see absolutely nothing wrong with. I'm overweight and I write a healthy living blog.  Why couldn't I link my blog where I discuss or hope to discuss many of issues addressed in the article/comments? Someone, somewhere might be interested in reading what I have to say.

True story: I also want to say that many of the comments on the Marie Claire article are completely out of hand. Many many of them are equally unkind and maybe even worse than Maura Kelly's opinion, which she has apologized for expressing and hopefully has even reconsidered. It's so so sad. Kelly isn't "ugly", she doesn't look like a "dog," she isn't any of the nasty words for vagina people are calling her, and contrary to what someone suggested: I hope she doesn't feel the need to see a plastic surgeon. Means comments are a contradiction and don't help anyone.

Now, I hope I never feel the need to delete another comment.
Please be kind to me and to each other?

Photos are from a recent farm trip.



Green Pearl of Wisdom said...

I was honestly shocked by her blatant disgust. I found her apology forced and not very meaningful. Perhaps this was because of panic due to the overload of hate in her comments. But I do agree that the back lash is uncalled for. I hope no one else feels the need to also attack you simply for associating with "that article".

Johanna said...

I'm not quite sure about all that happened, I don't follow Marie Claire...but plugging in your blog at the end of a comment on a site or article that has relevance to what you write about doesn't seem wrong or rude to me.
Seems like someone has way too much tim eon her hands (the rude commentor) I'd delete it too.
xox :o)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Thanks, ladies :)
Green Pearl of Wisdom, I actually found Kelly's apology to be sincere sounding. Then again, I've been told that I'm all too trusting. Thanks for stopping by!

Johanna, thanks! I feel the exact same way.

cmoursler said...

hmmmm....leaving your name and then your blog addy was a good way of expressing your opinion without writing a tome about the article on the site itself. If someone can't understand that, that is their problem...and quite frankly, I have never known you to be rude or pushy. Quite the opposite. Maybe people should read longer before they make nasty little comments. I have deleted only three comments in my time.
But they were all worthy of deletion for various reasons.

Weight Watcher Wannabe said...

I cant find the response you wrote to make that chic say anything.
If its just what you wrtoe on this blog give me a break.. you don't say oodles about it... have no idea what she is talking about...

I like the fact that you leave your blog address at the end of stuff. Thats how I found your lovely blog...

I think the Marie Claire wench that wrote that article is a fool and I think her apology sucks and I will never ever get that magazine ever again...It's people like her that make others in this world feel like crap ...

TJ said...

I did see a bunch of people ask that we not tweet about the magazine to get it on the TRENDING TOPICS list- however it was already on it! lol I say shrug that comment off- it wasn't about you personally- cuz you rock! :) xoxo

Oh and I love all of the great fall farm pics! :) SO cool!

Katie J said...

I have been blessed too and never received any rude comments. Glad you deleted it. Over and done.

Love your pictures - makes me want to sip some cider xoxo

Have a good weeknd hon!

He Took MY Last Name said...

I believe that people are making way too big of a deal about the Marie Claire article. Hello- its an article written by a fashion magazine. Like they don't live in their own little worlds?

Alexia- spam your blog all over. Do it. Because you are a truly unique person and you've got a lot to share.

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