Monday, October 18, 2010

Melinda Boyce, header artist.

I've been in love with Melinda's beautiful comics since I discovered her site last year. So I was thrilled when she agreed to design the header for this blog.

It's so me: sunflowers and mangoes.
Only missing are a few cats.
But I couldn't think of a way to include them.
In the mango tree? In the sky? On my head? It just wouldn't have worked.

Well anyway, thanks Melinda, for drawing me cute and getting the roundness of my face just right and not including any acne, blemishes, etc.
Jasmine, the 8-year-old I babysit, kindly pointed out that I'm not that thin. And she wanted to know why "the spots on my face" weren't included.

Melinda sent me these health-related comics to share with you all:


To see more of Melinda's comics, please visit



pinkvision said...

That's a great header! And a beautiful new blog for a beautiful new you. Look forward to hearing about your thoughts on cooking, healthy living and of course - your cats!

Nicole @ Let Them Eat Lettuce said...

Love the new blog. Oh goodness kids can be so blunt sometimes! I had one tell me my new glasses looked ugly last week and the brother say he didn't like my jacket! Geez! Anyway, so happy to follow your new and renovated life- and blog!

Alexia said...

- thanks, pinkvision! i'm excited about this blog.
- haha, nicole. yes, kids are wonderfully blunt!

The Me Within said...

You know I am an artist and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog design! This header is so fun and playful!

I hope your doing well! I am now officially following you and thanks for the comment!

The Me Within

TJ said...

Love the new blog!! :) The header is adorable! Melinda did a beautiful job! :)

River said...

So beautiful. So very beautiful! The whole page looks like an art galary in the best possible way. :) The colors are singing to me... love it!

Paula Rodriguez said...

luv the new blog alexia. Especially the new masthead/logo. She did a great job. Kids can be so funny sometimes. When my daughter was young, she walked in on me changing and wanted to know why I had TWO STOMACHES. Kids, gotta lov em.

Would you mind emailing me the graphic artist who did your masthead? I need to redo mine and don't have a clue where to start.

Fashion Meets Food said...

wow love the art!!! Absolutely beautiful!!


Rosa said...

love your new blog. Congrats! I can't wait to read more of everything.

Thanks for your compliment. I am working through it. I hope I can come out fine on the other side.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Love the new blog!

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