Sunday, October 31, 2010

reviewing last week's goals.

It's been too long, friends.
Two whole days!!
I meant to post on Friday, but then life happened.
And last Thursday, I meant to share from my disordered eating workbook, but I got distracted. I will share from the workbook tomorrow. I really need to revise my hunger and fullness cues.

My whole life is what I meant to do.

Well, anyway, as Sunday's go, today has been laundry doing, cleaning, organizing for the new week, etc.

And somehow Moses has a scratch on his nose.
It's really sort of disturbing.

Care to see my breakfast anyone?
Cornflakes with plain soymilk: Is it weird that a bowl of plain ole cornflakes really makes me happy? I loved cornflakes as a kid growing up in Jamaica, only lots more sweeter than I have it now. I'd add sugar and/or condense milk to it. And that was the only kind of cereal we ever had till I visited the States for the first time and was introduced to cereals like this, this, and this. My sugar life was never the same!

Plans for the rest of today: Cooking, hopefully the shred + maybe a Pilates DVD, and eventually schoolwork.
But first, I want to review how I did on the goals I made for last week

Fitness every day
- The gym three times: Sunday, Monday,  & Wednesday I only made it to the gym last Sunday!
- The shred three morning: Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  And I didn't do the shred even one day!

- Tracking & eating well. Last Sunday went really well, Monday was ok, but my lack of tracking and eating got progressively worse as the week went on.
-  To make & share one or two Jamaican recipes. YES! It's here.
-  Water, water, water. Maybe even tracking to make sure I drink enough. I didn't do too terribly for this one. But I could step it up a level or three :)

Conclusion: It was a hard week. I was gasping to deal with school work, job stress (even babysitting can be stressful!), applying to grad school stress, etc. I comfort ate ALOT. I have to always remind myself that my health is a priority, especially when I'm feeling down and I'd rather overeat/binge and exercise seems like another country far far away.

I'm hoping for a much better week this time around. I'll come back to share my goals for this week in a few hours. Hiya!



Marina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Moses is a beauty! He looks like he could be related to my Peanut! ;)

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