Sunday, November 14, 2010


(1.) The Astronomy exam went surprisingly kind of well. I mean, I felt that way when I was taking the test. I'm hoping my grade reflects that. And as anticipated, my terrible notes weren't very helpful, but the textbook and the study group was :)

(2.) My simple chickpea recipe is famous! Hehehe. I kid, but it is on Jenna's blog!
Can y'all tell I love this recipe? I've mentioned it a couple places on my blog already ;) I'm also planning to make it for Thanksgiving!

(3.) I just ate some delicious yogurt. Suddenly + passionately, I really really love yogurt.

(4.) Went to an hour long spinning class today. Felt amazing.

(5.) I need to go grocery shopping for: honey greek yogurt, tofu + something else I can't remember right now.

(6.) Last year, I was all about an orange scarf I wore everywhere. I loved that scarf, but I no longer own it because early this year I gave it to a close friend who also loved it.

This year I'm into this scarf (below)! It's blue-greenish. Teal maybe? I love the color. 

 (7.) Thanks to last night's leftovers I ate white rice two ways today:
 - First, cooked with some eggs and fresh seasonings.
- Second, I put some plain milk and rice in a bowl, and then I put the bowl in the microwave for a couple minutes. After, I added some pumpkin butter. 
Really really good. And sweet. Creamy. Total comfort food.

(8.) Yayyy, today has been a mostly meaningful eating kind of day :)

(9.) Last week went terribly: Astronomy test stress which led to poor diet and lack of exercise. But this week will be so much better. I can already feel it!

(10.) Have a great week, everyone!

Till tomorrow morning...



MizFit said...

ok may I tell you that in all the stuff youve crammed into this post...all the great info...what Im left with is you are someone who will give what they love to a friend because she loves it.

and I LOVE THAT about you.

Kara said...

Man, I LOVE honey greek yogurt, too. Trader Joe's has the best kind I've had yet--nothing has quite come close!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Kara, I am obsessed with honey greek yogurt. I bought three containers from TJ's tonight ;)
- Thanks, Miz. I'm also learning about giving too much unfortunately. I do sometimes when I forget what I'm worth. Thanks for stopping by :)

Yum Yucky said...

I have never spinned. Well, I have spun in circles, but that hardly counts... And are you rolling down that hill!? I should hill-roll with my kids real soon. I know a place to go do that. :)

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