Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 hr spin class: training update.

As promised, here's how my training has been going for my 2 hour (!!) spin class next Sunday:

  •  Last Monday: 45 min spin class (with cute instructor!)
  • Last Tuesday: elliptical (because no classes were offered when I left my late evening class.)
  • Last Wednesday: 45 min spin class (with cute instructor! I traveled to a farther gym to take his class...hehe)
  • Last Thursday: no gym
  • Last Friday: no gym
  • Last Saturday: 45 min spin class (This was a first as I never go to the gym on Saturdays! I keep Sabbath, so I've always figured that Saturday could also be my day of rest from the gym ;) But since I missed both Thursday + Friday, I packed my things so I could go after church. And it was an instructor whose class I haven't gone to since the semester started because I have classes when I use to take his Thursday night spin class. He was like, "I haven't seen you in months!" Heheheheeh. This is the guy who loves to call my name in class urging me to work harder! I've kinda missed his mouth ;))
  • Sunday: no gym (I really had plans to go take a 1 hour class, but I wanted to be home so badly. I travel into the city every single day and yesterday I couldn't bring myself to do it for the spinning class, especially because my Sunday night babysitting gig in the city was canceled. I felt better about my decision after Sheryl tweeted this to me!)
  • Tonight: 45 minute class (with cute instructor! hehee...As good looking an instructor he is, the class was hard because I made the mistake of eating right before :(

Last week I didn't make it to a spin class everyday, which was my original plan. But Saturday's gym time makes up for it, yes? I'm still considering this week's gym schedule with the holidays. Do you all plan to hit the gym on thanksgiving and/or black friday?

I'll come back tomorrow to share how I've changed throughout my year of blogging. Thanks for the request, Shanika! The photos in this post were taken a couple days after I started blogging last year. If you missed the anniversary post I wrote earlier today, please see here. Alright I'm off to bed schoolwork.




I tip my hat to you - I've yet to be able to do 1 spin class - you're my hero!!!

Katie J said...

Me too sweetie! I don't think I would last 5 minutes!

Ashley @ the fit academic said...

omg - 2 hours of spin class! Yikes! I swear - a single hour is intimidating to me (much less 90 minute classes). I might die if I tried to go for 120 minutes!!! You are amazing!

Christine said...

I have a new tradition...started last thanksgiving. I go to the gym on thanksgiving day. And I bust my butt. It's a great tradition.
I ought to give it a name. you are good with these things. if you think of one, let me know.

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