Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bad News/Good News.

Bad news first: I have my second Astronomy exam tomorrow night.

Good news: We've recruited a smart boy to join our study group. He received an almost perfect score on the first exam!

True story: I'm a terrible science student, but frankly I'm at peace with that. I think I mentioned before that the only reason I'm taking this class is because it fulfills my science graduation requirement. Don't get me wrong, I like Astronomy. I like Science.  I'm just not so much interested in being tested on any of it. But that doesn't mean I don't want my "A"!  Somehow. That's what tonight's all nighter is all about. The plan is to fit three weeks of classes into one night. And it doesn't help that I take terrible notes. See?
I haven't taken notes so aggressively since high school! It's the strangest thing to have to sit in a class and take notes. In my Creative Writing & Journalism classes (my two majors), I'll jot down an idea here and there, but my classmates and I certainly do not take notes.

Yesterday's notes:
No, I'm not kidding.
I'm almost ashamed.
It's near impossible to take notes when you can't translate what the professor is saying. And aren't my notes better than my friend, the boy who sits next to me, who wrote "Don't fall asleep" as his notes for the day? I mean, at least I tried.

One of my classmates says that Astronomy is her hobby and here are her notes:
I was all sorts of jealous, especially when I saw the little set-up on her desk with highlighters, etc.

But what bothered me most was this:
How she draws such lovely pictures and take such excellent notes is beyond me!
I take terrible notes and draw terrible pictures (see below). That is Vex Kitty, only he doesn't look so vex.

Have a good day, everyone!
I'm off to study.



Rosa said...

First of all: she should be at FIT. Great notes, great drawing, but yours is nothing to be ashamed of. It is cute.

I was a nerd. I didn't doodle on my notes because that would have sullied my work. I didn't like highlighting or underline or tabbing my pages. So you are creative and have a dream like quality to your work. Make it work for you.

One of my classmates (graduated as Valedictorian of our law school) would take a huge poster board and doodle her notes creating this elaborate schematics of Civil law. How she managed to do that was beyond me, but it worked. She was top of our class. She is now a writer ;)

Erika Renee said...

Oh my God, this post has me dying in laughter. Vex Kitty rules.

Anne H said...

Cute, by golly!
Good notes!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Love your notes! ;D

You're one smart cookie!

Katie J said...

LOL - thanks for the giggle! Vex Kitty could be your blog mascot :-)

Miss S. said...

I like Vex. Math & science weren't my faves either.

cmoursler said...

lol, your science notes look like my math pages from high school. I loathe math.
hang in there.

mercade said...

You make me laugh! I, too, love astronomy, physics, especially quantum mechanics and string theory! Just hobbies! I would love to go back to school to study this! Hang in there! Just enjoy what you're learning and you'll make it!

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