Monday, November 1, 2010

crepes on a monday.

We like our Mondays sweet.
Jasmine, the 8-year-old I babysit, and I.
Well, actually, we like everyday sweet.

Our toppings: nutella, bananas, and almonds. 

We ate at this place while Jasmine told me stories about school, including one about her best friend, Meredith, who apparently has become like one of the "popular girls":

"Like one of the popular girls? What do you mean? Wasn't she always popular?"

"Yes, but now she's different. She listens to Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber."

"Oh. Oh, I see."

It's weird because she's so little, but when I was in the 4th grade I remember how big I felt, how my little world held so much value for me.

Jasmine took a photo of the top of my head.

It reminded my of a photo back in June. I see a trend!

I also want to review my hunger + fullness cues from my disordered eating workbook: 

Hunger levels:
Hunger level 1 - You may experience a little rumbling in your stomach.
Hunger level 2 - You stomach rumbling may increase. You may feel a mild burning sensation in your stomach.
Hunger level 3 - You may have a slight headache.
Hunger level 4 - You may sense an empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. You may start to think about eating. You may feel tired or agitated.
Hunger level 5 - You may feel lightheaded or dizzy. You may be cranky and snap at people around you.
The workbook suggests eating around level 2 or 3.

Now, here are the levels of fullness
Fullness level 1 - Your hunger sensations begin to abate; you are still enjoying your meal.
Fullness level 2 - If you were to stop eating, you’d feel satisfied but could still eat a little more.
Fullness level 3 - You are comfortably full, satiated.
Fullness level 4 - You’re beginning to feel uncomfortably full.
Fullness level 5 - You feel much too full; you can’t stuff any more down; you feel sick or have stomach pain.  

We should really stop eating at fullness level 3. The thing about disordered eating is that it interferes with our awareness of hunger/fullness cues, which is something I'm always working on. With semester stress/grad school stress/etc. it's been especially hard lately.

Hey, hey, hey, have y'all tried crepes? They're good!


5 comments: said...

These are great!!!! I need to work on my fullness cues but im getting better :)

Dana xo

:Deliciously Healthy said...

That sounds yummy!

cmoursler said...

sounds good, but hard to follow when you are eating crepes...with nanas and such. love the headband.

Baglady said...

I am terrible at knowing when to stop - these are good tips!

I adore crepes. They're my favourite thing to eat in Paris, on the street from a crepe stall in Saint Germain. Le sigh!

sarah said...

love your new layout and header!!! i usually read your posts from my google reader, but happened upon here today. i love my google reader, but i also hate not visiting sites because i comment less and miss the experience of people's personal blog designs.

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