Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm almost ashamed to ask...

...but on a scale on 1-10 how ridiculous is it that this knee scab is why I didn't do the shred tonight? It hurts to walk/bend my knee/kneel so then I contemplated the shred's jumping jacks and I was like, "umm? noooo..."
Sarah commented on yesterday's post to let me know why the scab hurt quite a bit:
"Sorry about the boo-boo but I can tell you why it hurts so bad and makes it difficult to walk. Looks like it's at the bottom of your knee cap. Not much room there between bone and skin, falling causes fluid to puddle, that swelling gets on way of normal motion and can hurt. Also your knee unlike a cut or scape on your arm is constantly in motion. It doesn't get the same chance to rest and heal. It takes a little longer for everything to come back together, even just a scrape when it's constantly being flexed."

Thanks, Sarah! I really appreciate your feedback : )

I have plans to go to the gym tomorrow morning. But what do you gals/guys think? Should I exercise even if it hurts? Or wait till it heals? It is just a scrape after all. Am I being a baby? Your thoughts, Sarah?



cmoursler said...

I'd just take a walk and let it heal some. feel better.

Mara said...

Hm..I might wait until it feels better! Or put neosporin on it and cover it with a bandaid!

Renée (@lowfatpie) said...

maybe do something easy and no impactful? but I don't think you are being a baby, it looks kind of awful! take care of you!!

MizFit said...

Id wait BUT IM A HUGGGGE INFECTION NERD (she shouts :))
I think gym and staph.

see? I told you Im a huge nerd :)


Anne H said...

Wait a minute, Shorty -
Hold Up!
Get well first, or it might prove worse for you!
"No pain - no gain" is kinda mythology!



Rosa said...

Your knee is the only thing that hurts, so does your upper body hurt too? I would've done shred, but worked my upper body. When she is doing jacks, I would do the overhead arms. When she is doing lunges, I would've done the arms and make kept my lunges stationary. When she does push ups, I would've done them off the wall instead of the floor where I use my knee modified.

Think outside the box. There are people in this world that are more immobile than you because of health, lost limbs, or severe obesity. You are a healthy and vibrant woman who can conquer her mind over the matter of the scabbed knee.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Thanks, everyone.
And Rosa, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You are absolutely right.

Yum Yucky said...

..and paper cuts have many times led me to NOT do the dishes. (uh oh). So I totally get you.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Sorry that scab is interfering with your workouts but when something hurts, well it's hard to do anything. I'd walk. Take a long leisure walk. Take your camera with you and just do about 3 miles. That should get the heart moving.


Miss S. said...

I say neosporin & a band aid & it will feel better.

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