Monday, November 15, 2010

november spin challenge.

Good morning.
 Suave Kitty is still sleeping so I'm sort of jealous. I can even hear him snoring.

And here's my brunch:

It's cheese between two slices of store bought Jamaican Spice bun. With a slice of avocado. Always avocado. Love avocado.

Yesterday's post was heavy huh? That's why I love daily blogging.  I guess I was trying to catch up.
And speaking of daily, for now I'm going to stick to daily goals instead of weekly. Just to see if that holds me more accountable. Only, I won't be sharing my daily goals with you all. I figure that's a bit much. Instead, I'll be putting my daily planner to good use.

As I mentioned yesterday, my hour long spinning class was AMAZING. I felt really strong throughout the class and I was able to keep up even though I've only taken one spinning class in the last month.

True Story: I always feel a bit self conscious in spin classes because mostly everyone is obviously fit and thin. And if they aren't fit, they are at least thin and doesn't society often assume that thin is equal to fit? I've had people tell me on several occasions that they were surprised I'm so fit for my size. Ummm?

Well anyway, Joanne, the (Jillian Michaels-esque) teacher who lead yesterday's class said that the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend (Nov. 28th) she's going to lead a two hour class instead of an hour long class. This past summer she lead two hour classes the last Sunday of every month, but I was terrified to take them. I figured I wasn't fit enough to take a two hour spinning class. It seemed too intense.

But yesterday when she announced the two hour class, I kind of wanted to do it. And now, I really really want to do it. I'm excited! And a bit nervous..

I figure I should do some training to get my body ready for Nov. 28th: So I'm going to commit to spin classes everyday, except for one rest day per week. I'm looking forward to tonight's class! Especially since it's the cute, young instructor...


P.S. - If you've pushed your body in some amazing, terrifying way please share! I need all the encouragement I can get...


Rosa said...

I did completed a 5K at 212 lbs and came in at 40 minutes. A feat I never thought I would do. It is all mental. You are more capable than you think or know. Your body is young and strong. I recommend training and doing some resistance training for your legs because you will want to be off the seat more than on. I did 60 minutes on my spin cycle at home today, and although I am fit for my size and age, it still hurts the-lady-parts.

Can't wait to read more. You will rock!

MissHaneefa said...

Man,why can't I have a magic carpet so I could be there with you?!? All the best!

yes, you can! yes you can!

He Took MY Last Name said...

I did Zumba! I was so terrified that I wouldnt be able to keep up. I was sweating like mad, and kept thinking "is this hour over yet?" then I got really into it... and suddenly the time flew by! I was so surprised I did it the entire time!

....except the class was only half an hour. Ugh lol

(I never went back.)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Thanks, Rosa. I'm definitely going to look into resistance training. I need all the help I can get! :D
- Yes I can Yes I can Yes I can. Thanks, Haneefa :)
- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. half an hour eh? :)

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