Sunday, November 7, 2010


Why, hello.

Ya know, when I first started Dimple Snatcher not so long ago, I planned to blog daily. But then my class workload happened. Since it’s my last year and I stopped working at my school’s paper last semester, I anticipated more free time. Only I didn’t realize that finally taking Astronomy, one of two required science classes, would cause so much heartache. We have an exam on Thursday night and I’m starting to fret. Now’s about time to crack open the textbook huh?


It’s only the lecture class that so painful. The lab class isn’t so bad. I kind of like it actually. Although I'm clueless as to the scientific relevance of the experiments we’re conducting, I’m getting good grades--plus, my lab partner is a riot and the instructor is so kind I had to bring him a mango. He’d never had one before! They don’t grow mangoes in Greece.

In other news, I fell last night.
It was unglamorous.

It’s thanks to these boots (the brown ones). They're beautiful...and slippery. Thank you, Urban Outfitters. I hadn’t scraped my knee since I was a kid so it's been nostalgic…and painful! How does a little knee scrape make it a bit uncomfortable to walk? Anyone?

Last night I went out with some church friends to celebrate two birthdays. That's actually when I fell.
We went to this Mexican restaurant, then elsewhere-I-can't-remember-the-name for dessert. Loved the Mexican restaurant especially. They made the guacamole in front of us!

It was a wonderful night with the best people. (Would share more photos, but I'm not sure who wouldn't be thrilled to be pictured on my blog :)
Let’s see, what else?
Oh, I made more Chickpeas earlier today. It’s the same recipe as last Sunday. See here.
After I left home, my mother texted me “Thanks for making dinner.”
It totally made my day. It’s wonderful to feel appreciated. Whoever you claim to love, let them feel appreciated. That’s what I’ve been learning.
Anyways, hiya! Love this simple recipe.

Last week was better food-wise than the previous week. It wasn't good, but it was better. I've found that it's more healing to my disordered eating issues to count my wins instead of my losses.

And I only made it to the gym once last week and our DVD player isn't working so I couldn't exercise at home. Because the semester is winding down, my workload is crazy so it's hard to carve out gym time. But this week I'm going to try something a little different: early morning gym time. It even hurts to type that! I'm not sure I want to be healthy that badly! I kid I kid. Let's see how tomorrow morning goes...




Sarah said...

Sorry about the boo-boo but I can tell you why it hurts so bad and makes it difficult to walk. Looks like it's at the bottom of your knee cap. Not much room there between bone and skin, falling causes fluid to puddle, that swelling gets on way of normal motion and can hurt. Also your knee unlike a cut or scape on your arm is constantly in motion. It doesn't get the same chance to rest and heal. It takes a little longer for everything to come back together, even just a scrape when it's constantly being flexed. I hate falling. It sucks. Ice it if you can, it will help speed things along.

Astronomy huh? Lots of calculations. You can so do it. I have exam this week too, 2 actually. Sigh. I also fret but it always works out. You'll do awesome!

cmoursler said...

ouch. love the food and love guacamole.

MizFit said...

greetings from the MORNING :)
you at the gym?

why am I asking.

I KNOW you are (wink).

Nicole said...

Sorry about the fall! A booboo is still a booboo no matter how big (from babysitter to babysitter). Your chickpea dish looked good!

TJ said...

ouchie :(

mmmmm guac!

sarah said...

your knee looks like it hurts! i don't do well with scabbed knees and boo-boos.

i must say ... that guac looks killer!

Anne H said...

*kiss*kiss* the boo boo
Get better and stay upright!

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