Friday, December 31, 2010

11 in 2011.

I love reading all your resolutions, hopes, and best wishes on your blogs for the New Year. It's inspiring and comforting. Really! They make me smile. The thing about me is that I've always loved fresh starts, new opportunities, and faith moving mountains. For as long as I can remember--and still even now...kind of...I'm a bit jaded by academia--I've loved the start of a new semester, the new notebooks, the clean slates, and the potential. Oh, the potential. I love potential. I thrive on potential. Isn’t it what moves us to climb out of bed in the mornings? I think it is.
My theme this year is to BE KIND. I always have to remind myself what I’m worth, that I really am worth every kindness. It's my first time doing a theme for the year, but I heard the idea somewhere and loved it. In 2010, I only made one resolution: lose the weight. This year, after the summer months, I regained all of the weight I lost. Yeah I was sad, it was really really disappointing, but I know I will get to my goal weight. Thank God for certainty. And the lessons I've learned this year? Oh, the lessons I learned.

So here are my resolutions—I have eleven because…well, actually, I’ll leave the guessing up to you:

1. Exercise everyday: even if it’s for 5 minutes on really busy days.

2. No Chinese take-out. See here for why.

3. Blogging: I want to commit to better writing and I have others idea for improving, too. I love having my very own space on the web and it’s important to me to make it more meaningful for me and hopefully for you, too.

4. Finish my novella: I wrote it last summer and I have a lot of revising to do.  Especially because I think I want to use a portion of it in…

5. Applying for grad schools. It’s exciting!

6. Travel: Can you imagine that I didn’t leave New York even once in 2010? Now, that’s just insane.  Must travel in 2011! And I might even move to Jamaica in December for a few months. Or it might wait till early next year…we will see.

7. Writing: a novel just for fun. No expectation. Just cause. I might do NANO.  Hey, you should do NANO! The other thing is that I want to submit writing even if it’s just for scholarship money to help pay for the expense of applying to grad programs.

8. Study for & take GRE: for my course of study the exam isn't required at quite a few schools. But since some schools do require the GRE, taking it opens up my options for where I can apply.

9. Weight-loss: I want to end the year at a weight I’m proud of. Does that mean goal? Maybe. It doesn’t matter. I just want to know that I worked hard.

10. Read the Bible: ALL of it. I’ve always wanted to do this! But this year this year this year.

11. Become more mindful with time: Hello, Little Miss Disorganized.

Tricked ya! I have a 12th one actually, but a la Angela I'm keeping it secret for now...heheheh.

Ahhhh. So much to do this year! I’m turning 23 on the 23rd of March this year! So, HELLOOOOO, it’s obviously my year. Did you make any resolutions? Pleasepleaseplease share or just say HELLOOOOO? Happy New Year, friends! I’m excited! Aren’t you? Let’s make it AMAZING!



pinkvision said...

Hi Alexia, that's a good list. I particularly like 1, 9 and 11, they encapsulate the idea of being kind too, specifically being kind to yourself, and appreciating yourself for your wonderful self!

I think I will borrow your 'do more travel' and 'write a novel' plans, both are things which I plan to do every year and find real life gets in the way.

I suppose really, my resolution for this year is to stop planning & dreaming, and start taking action, and making things happen. :) Yep, that pretty much covers everything! ;)

sarah said...

oh alexia - how i have fallen in love with you through the internet. happy new year to you. your list is lovely and contains many truths that i too want to incorporate into my own life - being kind, accepting myself and being proud of my accomplishments.

you are beautiful.

i look forward to following you on your pursuit of 12 throughout the new year.


arielcircleofnine said...

I think you are the bees knees. Do they have knees?! haha...anyway, your list of goals are pretty impressive! I love how adventurous and hard-working you are; I know you think you are disorganized but I think there are methods to your madness!
PS. Your birthday is a week before mine. Hello fellow Aries-girl!

Coley said...

Hi Cutie-pie tootie! This was a great entry and I love your resolutions! I only came up with three official ones for this year, but I may expand the list as I assess my life in the next few weeks. I give myself all of January to make it official :)

I got a new Bible for Christmas, and although I haven't thought about reading it cover to cover, I did consider joining a Bible Study so I could become more familiar with it. I haven't been in a Bible Study since my early teen years! I'm interested in getting re-acquainted with the Word as an adult :)

I also enjoy your - exercise everyday, even if for just 5 minutes. Because even on the craziest of days, we CAN carve out 5 minutes of activity!

I also want to do something more with my health blog. I am starting a new blog with a friend, but I think I just might keep my lil sugary space for my health ramblings... but I'm gonna have to get creative and get dedicated!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Mmmmm, Pinkvision. "Stop planning & dreaming, and start taking action, and making things happen." I love that. That's IT. That's really what I want for this year. And you, too! Wishing for the best for you. Really!
- Thank you, Sarah! What a lovely message. I am forever in gratitude of how kind you've been to me. Happy New Year to you, Lucia, and Matt!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- March is such a special month, Ariel!! Yayyy! No wonder you're so awesome...hahahah! I agree about the method madness stuff. I have to work to see what works for MEEE. Thanks, friend.

- I love that you're using all of January, Coley. We have to work ourselves in, right? I know I do. I like Bible study groups for the same reason I love the our blogging community I guess. The community, all the voices, the encouragement. Lemme know if you join one! And of you keep blogging. I did love your blog! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful little family. Wishing the best for you all!

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