Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 2: a photo of myself a year ago

The only photo I could find from almost exactly a year ago. That shirt is too big now, so recently I cut off the sparkly collar to make a headband. And I use the shirt for sleeping.

If you're interested, here's day 1 and to learn more about my monthlong photo sharing project. Thanks for the idea, Erika!



Toot said...

I want your dimples now!!!! Hand them over before someone gets hurt (in my best 1940's gangster voice)!!!!!

Yum Yucky said...

You're talking a headband across the forehead, right? I wanna see THAT pic.

MissHaneefa said...

Cute idea to cutthe shirt. You know what they say about people with dimples? An angel kissed you when you were born!

Katie J said...

You are adorable!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

That is FANTASTIC that that shirt is too big! Good for you!!!!!!
Keep it up!
Have a pretty day!

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