Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3: a photo that makes me happy.

I went through more photos than I'd anticipated to come up with these two:
Sadly, my parents weren't the most camera savvy people when we were growing up, which is why we don't have many childhood photos. So I couldn't have been happier when last year I was tagged on facebook in these photos. They were taken a few months before we left Jamaica. See if you can find me!

I'm doing a monthlong photo sharing project:
Day 1 
Day 2

Yes, I did go to sleep early as I was hoping to.
But I woke up tired. And I'm still tired.  I'm going to bed early tonight, too. I felt really really low today. I think it's partially due to some stuff I've been thinking about. And it doesn't help that I've gained weight--too much than I'd like to admit--since the semester started. The idea of having to lose weight I've already lost once before makes me sad, but it's a reality I'm accepting. Today I got up to lift myself from the floor and it was hard. My jeans were hard to pull up yesterday. And I just feel really uncomfortable and heavy so that it's hard to even lay in my bed. Can anyone relate? Has your weight ever left you energy drained?

I'll come back tomorrow to share more about the weight I've gained. In happy news, my big sister is home visiting!


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MissHaneefa said...

Top pic front row plaid dress.

Second pic end of the first row big smile!

Super cute pics!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...


Paula Rodriguez said...

I'm sorry you're sad Alexia, but if it helps, you're not alone [[hugs]]


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

I really appreciate that, Paula. Thank you, especially for the hug. I love hugs.

Toot said...

I hope you feel better soon hun; a heavy mind can drain your energy, no doubt about that. When I'm down, I usually turn to food and it becomes a never ending cycle. I know it's hard to find an outlet while you're in school, but maybe the holidays and being around your friends and family will help you cheer up a bit.
{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}} & ******smooches******

arielcircleofnine said...

I absolutely can relate....been there done that. one word of advice, do NOT allow anything like guilt over weight gain or whatever to keep you in this place. You know what to do, and you can do it (its a beyotch having to do it AGAIN, but no worries!). More sleep is good, and needed if you're still tired! Love the pics, you've always been cute! Adding my hug to the pile :-)

He Took MY Last Name said...

I always feel like that especially if I see a gain. But you know what? I've regained and lost the same 10 lbs for over a year before more came off. I think that no matter what happens you will find the balance you want. It's a process, and a struggle, but try not to let it define who you are. Think about what you recently accomplished. Spin class?? Uh yeah.

Candace Best said...

I can completely relate ... Your kiddie picks are too cute! Hope you feel better.

sarah said...

love your latest project - so cool :)

yes, that is my handwriting on my blog. i scanned all of the images in because i could not find what i wanted on the internet. thanks for your comments!

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