Monday, December 6, 2010

Giveaway expires tonight!

If you'd like to offer a suggestion to name my afro, you have until midnight tonight till the giveaway ends! Remember, the prize is a $35 from CSN stores for the name I pick.

I lovelovelove all of the suggestions, they make me smile:

TJ said..."ok ok....MANGO-LICIOUS FRO! :) I had to include mango in it!"  

Cynthia (It All Changes) said..."Hmmmm....I'm thinking I'm Spicy Fro. You look pretty fierce with it :)"  

Katie J said...
Freya is the Goddess of love and beauty. She is sensuality. She is a Seer and Goddess of divination. Call of Freya for love, insight and to keep your life in alignment with your spiritual self.

-- or --

Goddess Ostara brings growth and rebirth. She holds the promise of new beginnings. She is a Spring Maiden and a harbinger of the Sun. Let Ostara in to promote your own growth and wholeness.
Mango Mane comes to mine (stealing from TJ). xoxo "

arielcircleofnine said..."Hmm. I love the norse goddesses that katie j is bringing up here--interesting!
Id like to name your fro SOUXIE! :-D First thing that came to mind when u said funky & fierce...." 

Paula said..."What a cute idea for a giveaway... well, I know you love mangos and tj has beaten me to the punch so I think I would name your fro CHILOSA!! You know I put chili on everthing and chili is hot and chilosa is ... well, you get the idea. paula." 

Christine said..."hows about vita (Latin for life)... "

Miss Erika said... "Alexia, you should name it Boudicca. It sounds awesome, and she's a legit historical figure who was a BADASS. She was the leader of the Iceni tribe in ancient what is now Britain, and beat the crap out of the Romans when they tried to invade. Wiki her, she's amazing, and your amazingly beautiful new self (and hair) deserves the name."
 Miz said..."hmmmm. Id say MizFitTotallyCovetsThis but that's probably too long a name.
my four year old shouted ELLIOT when I asked her so ELLIOT it is ;)" 

Anne H said..."TAWANDA!
Think: Fried Green Tomatoes - the movie
unless you are too young to remember it!" 

Anne H said..."If you DO chose Chris' "Vita"
you could be a VitaLass - (Vitalis)
Unless you are too young to remember that, as well!" 

Candace Best said..."My name idea doesn't have a special meaning. I just think it sounds cool . . .Lady Adelaine :)"



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