Thursday, December 30, 2010

In defense of new year's resolutions - A RANT.

WOW--to EVERYONE of you who took the time to take my survey, I really appreciate it. If you haven't yet, please + thank you? Your participation is helpful--and has already been helpful--in my considerations to bring focus to this blog for the new year. Honestly, in real life my thoughts are usually all over the place and I distract pretty easily so I often wonder if that comes across in my blog. The blogs I love and live in wait of an update have a sense of order and focus—two thing I believe are especially important in maintaining balanced, healthy living. But anyway, thanks for all your help, your comments, and coming by my blog, even if you stop by to consider how silly I am. 

In other news, today…I left my house. It was nice to not be knee deep in snow and I felt proud because I helped my brother to shovel earlier this week until I saw visions of my back going out. Seriously, shoveling is a WORKOUT. Who knew? Well, actually, maybe you did.


The other thing about leaving my house is that the fresh air felt really good.  Being in my house for almost all of this week was getting to me. I was getting a little crazy of tripping over cats, pressing refresh on certain web pages, and cooking up experiments in the kitchen (a couple days ago I made a cake that took, like, two hours to bake. I kid you not! I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to get all fancy in the kitchen so I mixed the batter of a “yellow” flavored box cake and proceeded to pour half of it in a baking pan. Then I took a can of pumpkin and mixed it with cinnamon and sugar and then I poured that mixture on top of the “yellow” batter in the baking pan. And then I put the remainder of the yellow batter on top of the pumpkin mix. So basically I was trying to make a pumpkin filling. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a pear that I quickly sliced up to put on top of the cake all pretty when the top was starting to harden in the oven. But imagine my disappointment when the cake took forever to bake and the pumpkin filling somehow ended up under the “yellow" cake and the pear slices somehow baked inside the cake and not on top. What a CAKE. It tastes sort of good, but my brother won’t touch it. He doesn’t understand the orange stuff that’s at the bottom of the cake. But you understand—right, dear reader?)

Now, that was an epic parenthesis. Huh. Please don't try that on your blog ever.

The other thing I must mention to you is the Chinese food I’ve been making this week.  Remember that I’ve sworn off Chinese food for 2011?! Well, apparently I’ve started to learn to cook my own already. And it ain’t half bad! Later when I’ve gotten over my vainness (i.e. getting a "this is...good" from my brother), I must share my Chinese inspired spicy eggplant and the peanut butter soy sauce thing I made today.

But really I haven't done much all week. Please don't let the cooking fool ya. I did clean under my bed though. But not the gym, only a little exercise—I’m totally counting shoveling--and fortunately my eating hasn’t been too terrible since I’m too bored to eat and haven’t any money to spend on junk. You can totally tell from my facebook statues that I need mental stimulation (or a boyfriend):

“What's it called when an animal abuses another animal? Umm, animal abuse? This sort of thing gives me mind cancer.”

“Does anyone remember that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had a daughter name Paprika on "Blue's Clues"?”

“Dear Ladies, my assistant, Juliette, and I are looking to fill the position of a girlfriend for Beres for the new year. Please send all resumes and inquiries to Thank you for your interest. Regards, Alexia.”

 “If you really really consider snow, it's actually something pretty amazing.” 

"Dear Jamaicans, please keep the shenanigans to a low in the new year. I'm applying to grad school. Love, Alexia."

“Last night, I had a nightmare about my CAMERA! It was frightening! And I remember that Shanika was in it! Praise Jesus it was only a dream.”

See what I mean? I really need something to do. Well, actually, I have things to do, but no actual plan, no specific goals, no concrete ideas. And that’s why I’m for New Year’s resolutions--i.e. goals.  I wasn’t sure till I considered that I didn’t do much this week because I didn’t plan to do much. I’ll be back with my resolutions tomorrow. Now? Now, I’m off to eat a slice of an epic failure of a cake. Yum.



Christine said... make a filling in a seperate bowl and usually cake filling is some sort of fruit or whipped thing...hey, next time take the pumpkin filling and wome whipped cream and vanilla and use a mixer and whip it and then bake the cake in two sheets and then frost between and stack the cake.
could be very good.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

yes! aha! thanks!

jin @soul + food said...

that cake sounds like quite the adventure!

I haven't left my house since Sunday - tomorrow I have to go to the supermarket to buy stuff for my little NYE party and I'm so excited about it.

I have many resolutions and goals for 2011 - if I dont set some kind of guideline for myself I won't get anything done. This year my resolution was to not have a resolution, so I've been scatter brained all year trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do and where I'm supposed to be lol

:Deliciously Healthy said...

i'm excited to hear your resolutions!

arielcircleofnine said...

this one time, I got a fresh pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, it was called a "cheese pumpkin" due to is shape I guess. Anyway, I thought Id get all fancy and bake a pie using fresh pumpkin instead of canned, only I didnt know that it wasnt interchangeable and I had done all sorts of other quirky things whilst mixing it up. Somehow I ended up making this fantabulously delicious sublime pie that everyone raved about--and it took like 4 hours to bake too! But I havent even tried to recreate it. I think it was an accidental miracle. I think your cake sounds good (hey Id eat it!). Also, Im totally disorganized in life and blogland and a huge fan of epic parenthesis!

Tricia said...

looking forward to hearing your plans for 2011

Katie J said...

Sounds like a little meditation is in order. Some quiet time to reflect and project for 2011. I love ya A. Happiest of New Year's to you and yours

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