Monday, December 20, 2010

in which I finally finally name my afro.

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner for my afro naming giveaway! Aiiiiii. 

In case you missed the original post, I asked for "fierce, funky" suggestions to name my afro and offered the winner--the person whose name I picked--a $35 gift code to CSN stores. Please know that CSN contacted me and I agreed to host a giveaway.
Here are the suggestions:

TJ said..."ok ok....MANGO-LICIOUS FRO! :) I had to include mango in it!"
Obviously TJ knows me well! I love mangoes. In fact, here's my email to my Astronomy lab professor: "Thank you for everything this semester. I thought you were very kind to us. Oh, and please eat lots of mangoes." His response: "Thank you for the feedback, and I will definitely try to eat mangos." Ha! I brought him a mango to class once and he was like, "What's that?" So I was like, "GASP!" He's from Greece and he said that they don't grow mangoes in Greece. No, I'm not that type of student--well, not really, but he was nice--and yes, my lab partner thinks I'm insane. But so is she ;)

Cynthia (It All Changes) said..."Hmmmm....I'm thinking I'm Spicy Fro. You look pretty fierce with it :)"
 Thanks, Cynthia. I do love spice I really really do.

Katie J said...
Freya is the Goddess of love and beauty. She is sensuality. She is a Seer and Goddess of divination. Call of Freya for love, insight and to keep your life in alignment with your spiritual self.
-- or --
Goddess Ostara brings growth and rebirth. She holds the promise of new beginnings. She is a Spring Maiden and a harbinger of the Sun. Let Ostara in to promote your own growth and wholeness.
Mango Mane comes to mine (stealing from TJ). xoxo " 
My goodness, Katie, your suggestions are gorgeous! I love the way both those names sound rolling off my lips. Really!

arielcircleofnine said..."Hmm. I love the norse goddesses that katie j is bringing up here--interesting!
Id like to name your fro SOUXIE! :-D First thing that came to mind when u said funky & fierce...."  
I lovelovelove the name Souxie. It has so much personality! She was one of my favorite Gilmore Girls character. Can I get an amen?!

Paula said..."What a cute idea for a giveaway... well, I know you love mangos and tj has beaten me to the punch so I think I would name your fro CHILOSA!! You know I put chili on everthing and chili is hot and chilosa is ... well, you get the idea. paula."  
Chilosa!! Hahaha.  I love this, Paula, especially because I love hot sauce on most things.

Christine said..."hows about vita (Latin for life)... "
I love Vita, Chris. I love that it means, "life." And now I know one word in latin. Thank you! 

Miss Erika said... "Alexia, you should name it Boudicca. It sounds awesome, and she's a legit historical figure who was a BADASS. She was the leader of the Iceni tribe in ancient what is now Britain, and beat the crap out of the Romans when they tried to invade. Wiki her, she's amazing, and your amazingly beautiful new self (and hair) deserves the name."
Boudicca=Hiya! :))))) 
Thanks, Erika.

Miz said..."hmmmm. Id say MizFitTotallyCovetsThis but that's probably too long a name
my four year old shouted ELLIOT when I asked her so ELLIOT it is ;)"  
Ha! Please thank your adorable four year old for me. I have a feeling her name is Elliot?

Anne H said..."TAWANDA!
Think: Fried Green Tomatoes - the movie
unless you are too young to remember it!"  
Tawanda is so funky and fierce, Anne! Really!

Anne H said..."If you DO chose Chris' "Vita"
you could be a VitaLass - (Vitalis)
Unless you are too young to remember that, as well!"  
I'm too young apparently ;)

Candace Best said..."My name idea doesn't have a special meaning. I just think it sounds cool . . .Lady Adelaine :)"
I like almost anything with lady attached to it :)
Dee said... "Astrid - because I love the uniqueness of your hair and how it's beautiful! Astrid derives from the name for a star! :) 
Aww, thanks, Dee! But must you remind me of my painful Astronomy class this semester? ;)  

Yum Yucky said... "Bob. The Afro's name is Bob." Huh? 

Liz said... "Rufus! As in Rufus, featuring Chaka Khan" Rufus...hmmm..I like! It sounds tough! 

Domestic Diva said..."How about "Lovely"?" Yes, yes you are!   

I lovelovelove all you suggestions. Thank you for donating your time to my madness. It was really hard to choose, but I was able to pick a few favorites: Chilosa, Souxie, Freya, Ostara, Boudicca, Vita, and Tawanda. I didn't pick these names because I think they are better than the others, but because of a certain loveliness I enjoy when they pass through my lips. I'm all about sounds and vowels, so please realize my biases. 

And then after thinking and thinking and asking a couple (helpful + unhelpful friends), I went with Chris' suggestion: 


My dictionary defines it as:   

1. a fresh start or new direction in life, esp. following a powerful emotional experience.  
2. a biography or biographical sketch. 

  And it's Latin and Italian for "life." 

I've only playfully naming my afro--it is after all just hair--but I'm so much more interested and excited in "vita," as in my actual life and what's in store of me. Thank you for being a part of it.  


P.S. Oh, and please email me, Chris! I have a present for you :)

P.P.S. Mighty long post, yes?


Sarah said...

I love it! I'm pretty sure my group project members thought I was crazy too this semester! Thankfully no lab partners...

Christine said...

ahhhh I WIN! lol I never win anything. lolol.
presents are cool...will email...have it's scarlet and vita...too cool.

The Shrinking Violet said...

Thanks for commenting on my web site- i'm so glad you are still out there in the blog world.

I think you look stunningly beautiful. Isn't it funny how we don't see that ourselves?

Are you going to have a naming ceremony for Vita? Where you wash your hair, give thanks and party?

Katie J said...

Woohooo!!! That was fun!

JIN @ SOUL + FOOD said...

oooooh i love vita! great choice + congrats to the winner :)

Candace Best said...

Congrats to the winner!! I like that name and I agree that a naming ceremony should ensue.

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