Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's snowing!!

Apparently it's going to keep at it all night long.

It's our first snow of the winter.

I love the snow when it's falling and I'm home all toasty. It's the perfect time for cooking/baking.

So I made banana bread with this recipe, which I pretty much followed except for adding walnuts and a couple dashes of vanilla soy milk. The bread turned out great. Banana bread is really really easy to make. It's a go to when I have aging bananas lying around our kitchen.

Only, I don't love snow so much when it's dirty and it's a nuisance to get anywhere.

Remember I mentioned a gym date with my girlfriends last Thursday evening? It went well! Here we are in the locker room:

Haha, I think Julieta might have spent too much time in the sweat room. Hello, creepy!

My friends took and enjoyed their spin class and I took a yoga class, which was HARD!! With my weight gain, it's especially hard to lift myself off the floor. It was a bit depressing and I found it hard to keep up in class. I even left early, but when I was packing up my mat the male teacher came over to me and encouraged me by saying that I did a good job. I wasn't convinced, but I felt so much better!


P.S. - I hope you had a beautiful Christmas! I love Christmas!


Anne H said...

I'm thinking something.
What would you say to me, if the tables were turned?
It's all just an adjustment. Day after day.
You really are doing a great job!
Believe it, my sister!

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