Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On faith.

Yesterday, as I cleaned under my bed, I thought about faith and our community.

I don't necessarily mean faith as in spirituality. There actually may be a connection for you, but I mean faith in ourselves so that we know that we can dust ourselves off and get back up. <---[Hello Cliche]

Sometimes, like yesterday, I often read what sounds like self-deprecation in weight-loss blogs. Of course, I don't mind encouraging, especially because I've been there. But realize how precious you are - whether you've binged, gained weight, or even gained it all back.

I'm all for holding ourselves accountable. But instead of getting frustrated with our feelings and our bodies--they're ours, not separate from us and I think we forget that sometimes--I wonder if it's more meaningful to make peace. I believe that we can always reclaim our health by putting everything in perspective. Really really consider what do you want.  And remember how amazing your body is - your heart, all the organs, your brain, etc. It--I mean you, really deserve all the respect in the world.

Here are my five tips for getting back on my feet. Maybe or not you'll find them helpful:

(1.) Get over yourself. Everyone makes mistakes...even you...kitten.
(2.) Chinese takeout...is...just Chinese takeout. It can't and won't love you..
(3.) Fake it...till you feel it. No one always feels motivated. Well actually, maybe 'no one' does exist, but we don't like her very much.
(4.) No one cares as much as you do that you're fat. Get over yourself. There are more pressing matters in the world.
(5.)  You are so so precious. You deserve a healthy life.

Share tips if you have any?



Trisha said...

I absolutely love this post! The tips are amazing! It's almost as if you were just in my head, and you typed it all out for me to read, reread, and read once more! Love it!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Yayyy, Trisha! I'm glad this post means something to you :))))))

arielcircleofnine said...

I agree, great post. I liked how you said our bodies are not separate from us--they ARE us. And I know that I forget that sometimes, so busy hating this bit or that bit. We are a package, beauty, warts, everything!!
AND...I have to say this one hits home too--"No one cares as much as you do that you're fat. Get over yourself. There are more pressing matters in the world". SERIOUSLY!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Love #3!

Results Not Typical Girl said...

Yep. This post effin rocks. Heart the precious comment. Heart the self-love (and not in the masterbatory sense). Tick Tock You Rock.

He Took MY Last Name said...

Amen! Celebrate the losses, forgive the gains, and enjoy life. Big or small, we only have one.

Anne H said...

1 No one likes no one.
2 Cute that you call yourself "kitty!"
And 3 - yes.... it's all good and it's ok to start over when ever it's needed.
That's what's so good. We have to keep doing it till we get it right, so we might as well get it right! Sooner than later.

Miz said...

in everything for this misfit from fitness to marriage :)

pinkvision said...

Really love this post. Even the cliche! ;)

Quisha said...

Love love love your blog!!

Meri said...

I just came across your blog, and and have to say I love your header illustration!

And as far as content goes, it's incredible how many times we need to hear these sentiments before they start to really sink in. Why is that? It's so sad. Thank you for the reminder.


paulawannacracker said...

aww, I couldn't have sait it better. I've not blogged in a while because well, life is wonderful no matter what your size or what you ate. Sure, we should strive for health but I'm tired of talking or blogging how tight my freakin jeans are because I indulged in tamales. Surely there are real world problems, ie.., health care, homeless, etc.

Bravo dear friend.

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