Wednesday, December 15, 2010

things that make my day.

 A Christmas card from Johanna!

I've never met Johanna in real life, but I love reading her blog. She's an artist and she has the most beautiful little family. And she even drew me once!

I've never been sent a Christmas card before. Thanks, Johanna! This card really really made my day.

Now, back to Jamaican Pumpkin soup= Yayyy!
And studying for finals= Nayyy!

Hello, avocado. You lover you.



MissHaneefa said...

That soup looks YUMMY!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

It is!!

Candace Best said...


Katie J said...

:) Love lifes simple pleasures and that soup looks devine!

JIN @ SOUL + FOOD said...

that soup looks perfect for a freezing cold day like today

Nicole said...

Avacado in soup?!!? What is this amazing creation?!

Johanna said...

Oh Alexia- I'm so glad that you got it in time for Christmas and that it meant so much to you.
Warm hugs all the way from the chilly Yukon!

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