Sunday, December 12, 2010

The time I should have weighed-in.

Wait--before the weigh-in stuff, can you believe how young I looked last year? Found this today!

[now, back to business...]

Today I tried to weigh myself, but when I got on the scale it read, "low."

No pun intended...hehehe.

So then I looked for batteries. And looked and looked.

On top of the fridge, under my bed, etc.

But to no avail.

Maybe it's a sign huh? I do have my period, so maybe waiting till Wednesday is best. I think I will bring back Wednesday weigh-ins like I use to do on my old blog. As I think I've written before, I don't want this blog to be weight-loss focused. I want it to be healthy living focused. For me, thinking lots about weight-loss is exhausting.

I also want to share three weight gain lessons I've learnt:

(1.) It's easy. Regaining the weight is easy. In fact, anyone can do it. We can get careless, lose our focus, and BAM!! Hello, twenty pounds. It's insane.

(2.) I'm convinced I can feel every pound. And it's uncomfortable. It's weighing me down. Last year at my highest weight of 236 pounds, I didn't necessary realize my discomfort. I'd been overweight for so long that I was use to it. But this summer I got down to 187 pounds, so regaining's just been hard to carry it all.

(3.) Weight-loss/healthy living is really all about how I feel. Here's how: Do I feel hungry? Do I feel full? Do I feel like I'm losing weight? How does eating clean make me feel? How does greasy chinese food make me feel? How does it feel to carry a considerable amount of excess weight?
I remember taking a group fitness class at my gym and the teacher told us to do something and she said, "See how it makes you feel." That was an A-HA moment for me.

Happy new week! Till tomorrow...



Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) said...

Love this: "Weight-loss/healthy living is really all about how I feel."

So true. It's less about what the scale says than how your body is feeling.

Christine said...

aND being overweight is the same thing, except that generally you feel bad and as you get healthy you feeeeeeeel better! lol.
I love this post. I wish my scale would say 'low' and mean it.

Nicole said...

Love the post Alexia. I would love to see a scale that said "low"- thats got to mean something good!

MizFit said...

it is how you feel and for me it was the gifting myself the realization that I will make choices for the ""wrong"" reason (IM WATCHING A MOVIE AND I WANT A SNACK. IM NOT HUNGRY :)) but thats ok too.

for me it is all about AWARENESS of my choices...

Anne H said...

It does sneak up on ya!
It can for sure!
I use the "try it and see" approach as well....
if we really listen
we might learn alot!

Toot said...

First of the battery story is too funny, I have a similar one but it's not very appropriate, lol! But hang in there sweetie, I know it's hard work, but you got there before so you already know the way to get there again. Stay know I'm rooting for you!!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

LOVE your lessons learned!

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