Monday, December 27, 2010

Why I've given up on Chinese food.

But first, the agenda I made earlier?
Fugget about it. Well, most of it anyway. This afternoon under my bed steals the show.'s not glamorous.

When push comes to shove (a.k.a taking finals) and I'm too overwhelmed to clean, I'll stuff almost anything under my bed.

So that's my afternoon. Jealous? Ha!

Now, about the Chinese food business...

For me, Chinese food is like an abusive boyfriend who I'm really really in love with and hence have difficulty letting go of. But this is old news if you followed my old blog. Earlier this year, I stayed away from our local take out place for so long that when I finally went back the woman who takes orders mentioned my absence. After that I got back in the take out groove.

 I love the flavors, the sauces, and how they perfect the vegetables so they aren't too soft or too hard.

Hello, Sesame Tofu.

But Chinese food is really really high in fat and salt.
It's my favorite binge/overeating food.
I usually eat enough servings for 3-4 people. Last week's order (pictured) is a rarity in that I ate a healthy serving by sharing with my brother. It's scary how much I usually eat. I never refrigerate for the next meal. I order too much food and then I eat in alone. And then I'm too full, sleepy, and feeling really really sorry for myself. Honestly, I'm a little obsessed with Chinese food. No other food makes me feel better (and then worse) about myself, which is why I'm using a suggestion people told me when Chris and I parted ways in January.

Cut off All Contact.
at least for 2011.

I know moderation is also important and that approach might make better sense to you. 
But this challenge of staying away for a year makes more sense for me. I want to stay away from something that hasn't made me feel good about myself for the past three or so years. Instead I want to learn to cook Chinese food in the meantime. (here's inspiration already)

I don't know if I want to call this a New Year's resolution. Huh.

Please tell me, is there anything that's relatively safe but unsafe for you that you put away? I have a new found love for my low carb blogger friends.



Shopgirl said...

A great post, you have a very genuine voice that comes through the storyline. I thought Chinese food is healthy but I do try to eat a certain portions at a time, I just may eat 5-6 times a day. I have an issue with TV and recently when I donated all my TVs to charity, it changed my life. Discovering netflix though threatens my sanity. Another story.

SOUL + FOOD said...


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Thanks, Shopgirl! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hardly watch television. But the internet? I'm obsessed. Oh, and I think you misunderstood because I might not have been clear. I mean Chinese food as in Chinese takeout. Be well :)

- Soul + Food, aren't the amount of Chinese food takeout places in NY ridi?! They're on literally every block!! Haha, crack! Yes! There is something in that sauce. I always have cash on me! WOE IS ME.

Heather said...

oh, giiiiiiiiiiiirl. i hear you. Chinese food is SO DANGEROUS. i always feel like i should order even MORE and MORE, and then I just CAN't STOP EATING IT.

i may have to join you on this no chinese take out in 2011 thing. that is a good plan!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Yes! Because I want a little--well, actually alot of everything--lo mein, some kind of tofu dish, some vegetable dish, etc. It is dangerous ;)
Thanks for the support, hon! I'd love for you to join me! Hiya!

Tori @ said...

I have discovered that certain foods I can.not. eat in moderation. They are like alcohol to an alcoholic. They are my "trigger" foods. Specifically for me...sugar cookies w/ icing. Not ok. I will eat them all. Then, feel sick. Then an hour later go back to eat them all. Then, feel sick. it's a vicious cycle that leaves me 10 pounds heavier (water weight from all the carbs) the next day and hating myself. SOOO I haven't made them in 2 years probably and don't miss them. It's funny how you forget about things when you don't have them "in your system" and wreaking havoc! You can do it!

He Took MY Last Name said...

uhhhm i love chinese food

also pizza, pasta, any thing really. dont get me started on pizza though. i will eat the whole darn thing by myself and still want more. i am a fatty mc fatterson with that

sometimes its best to just cut it out if you cant be responsible, yes? said...

i think i might have a relationship with that same man - LOL!! Yes I should cut him off ;-) Good luck, there is an egg roll in my lunch right now!! oh the agony!! I should have known better than to make them :-) Good luck with your new years goals!!

Anne H said...

omg I love it - You are getting your voice back!
About the relationship..... I know how much it hurts to be the one who get cut off! It hurts like nothing in this world. Maybe it's a way to gain back some control? Maybe that's not always a bad thing.
I don't even go down the candy aisle when I have no intention of eating candy. *sigh*

pinkvision said...

Gosh, haven't had Chinese takeout for months now. And I think the last time I had it, I found it really salty. I really like cooking my own versions of my favourites now, I can keep the salt & fat factor under control. Have fun with your cooking experiments!

MrsFatass said...

I tell you what, I get irritated when I decide to swear off of something, and then my friends say "you shouldn't deprive yourself! Have it once in a while and move on!"
If I could do moderation, my handle wouldn't be MrsFatass. I mean, right?
Anyhow. Do you read TJs Test Kitchen? She is awesome at adapting unhealthy favorites into healthy ones. She even does chinese! If you don't already read her, check her out.

Fashion Meets Food said...

Good for you! I don`t eat chinese because I really don`t like it. I think in 2011 I really want to cut my sugar content way down. Hope you have a fabulous day and stay warm!


Roxie said...

I swore off Chinese food a few months ago. I miss it so. But it always made me bloat up a few pounds.

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Thank you for your comment, Tori. I really appreciate hearing your own experience. I question whether I was doing the right thing so thank you for sharing.

- Fatty Mc. Fatterson, you say? Glad to know I'm not the only one.

- Hahahaha, Outdoor mom! I knew he was messing around with other women ;) Thanks.

- Really, Anne? My voice. Huh. Yep, it really hurts to get cut off. Fortunately, Chinese food can't feel or I'd feel sort of bad.

- Pink, I'm really excited about making my own versions at home :)

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- Sue, I read and love TJ!! Yep, I knew that some people would tell me about moderation and that's important, too, BUT I'm glad to have your support that sometimes we have to cut off. Thank you.

- Thanks, FMF!! You don't like Chinese food? Crazy! Haha. Wishing you the best for 2011!

- Roxie, it does that to me, too. But it was so good that it was almost worth it. I'm going to miss you, Chinese food!!

Toot said...

OMG you can do it Booskie!!! I have total faith in you and I know your struggle. Chinese food is my Ike Turner. When you get to the point where enough is enough, you're on the right track!!! OAN - we must be twins, because under my bed looked the same way until I HAD to clean it to make room for my new house mate!!!

arielcircleofnine said...

I think that the initial shock of "Cold Turkey" can be very harsh, but once you're past that its MUCH MUCH easier--at least in my experience--because the cravings really go away! Its so different for me now on the low carb than it was previously on WW, because with SOME foods there is no deciding to have a small portion or just eat it in moderation--the carb counts are through the roof so its out of the question. Dr. Atkins called deciding to have tastes here and there of these kinds of foods "the kiss of death"--he was mostly referring to the Induction period at least in the book I have, but it applies to the way of eating overall. You read my blog so you know...on Thanksgiving and then just recently I indulged in carb overload--and trust me, the CRAVINGS come back like nobodys business. Takes a few days of clean eating for them to leave--but they do leave!
I think your idea of learning to cook what I like to refer to as "Chinese-ish" dishes for yourself is a great one!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- 'Booskie'? Loves it! Haha, we must be twins indeed! Chinese food is TOTALLY my Ike Turner.

- Thank you taking the time to share your experiences, Ariel! Wow. It's true. With Chinese food, I always say "just thing one time" but then I end up eating it a few times a week.

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