Friday, January 21, 2011

the fishmonger's daughter.

This week I edited a short story called "The Fishmonger's Daughter" that I originally wrote for a Creative Writing class last year.  I'm submitting it for this local collegiate writing contest.

Remember my New Year's resolutions?

The plan is to submit work, hopefully even winning some contest money to help with the cost of applying to grad programs late this year.

I was editing the story until late last night because I thought it was due today, but this morning I got word that the deadline is postponed till the day after Valentine's Day.  So now I have more time to pick at the story! And that isn’t always a good idea…

The thing about me…is that I am obsessed with words.  Some of them are so beautiful.  Like pa-pa-ya. Or broc-co-li.

Which, for some reason reminds me: today I finally threw out magazines that were taking up too much space.


I still have a few more, mostly health ones—Shape and Self—that I haven’t even read yet. Late last year, I decided not to renew my subscriptions to Glamour, Shape, and Self, as much as I love ‘em because they take up too much space, sometimes I find the magazine industry annoyingly superficial—but still very very vital—and at the time—and still—I was strapped for cash.  And even though there is something about holding a magazine in my hand, I can find the articles online.

What was I saying about being obsessed with words again?

Oh, yes.

What I mean to say is that it takes me forever to write to a blog post and even longer than forever to revise one, especially when—like this particular post—I haven’t any idea what I’m trying to say. Usually, after a post, I am exhausted. I really have no idea why. I think mostly because I’m lazy. I’m trying to remember what of any relevance I’ve written here to exhaust me anyway. Huh.

Do you read…for leisure? You must because you’re here. And I’m sorry I’m not sorry if it’s a painful read. Wait, bad Alexia!—I mean, I am sorry for any and all grammatical errors, comma abuse, kitty obsession, etc.

I’m reading this lately.
 Best Food Writing 2010.

And oh my my, it’s gorgeous. To step outside my little world where food has held such a negative narrative and read about love, relationships, spirituality, survival…all having to do with food in the richest senses is beautiful. Yesterday, I started crying on the train when I read this piece about a mother, her son, and doughnuts.

Have the best weekend, friends!



Toot said...

Right now my lame-o-butt is reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...hey, booskie don't you judge me!!! I spend most of my days reading accounting and tax books so reading that is a great escape from the usual. Dang, your magazine stack looks almost as bad as mine (Essence from 1999, yeah that's me).

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

Jesus, this post sounds just like me. Word obsession, yup, magazine hoarder, yup. One of my all time fav words is sempiternal, it's a divine word. I'm crazy about phonaesthetics.I squealed in Donnie Darko when Drew Barrymore wrote 'cellar door' in that gorgeous handwriting on the blackboard. It's crazy when you read something that you can relate to exactly.

Jenn @ said...

I'm a huge word nerd! I love to write and read...if I had my druthers, I'd be a writer in a heartbeat. My problem is I get too caught up in how the reader is going to react to my writing. Am I witty enough? Interesting? Where is my story going, is it going to hold someone's interest? I completely psyche myself out.

Christine said...

I read complete trash and attempt to balance it with one good book as well. lol. With my blog posts, I just write whatever is in my head...reread it for grammar and spelling errors and then let it go. I should probably worry more, but I can't work up the energy. I love kitty pics.

Anne H said...

I just got rid of a million things just like that.
I don't have magazines. Just words.
Good job!

Lisa said...

I love words too...
I can get sucked into a crappy trashy book as easily as something that is a work of art. Variety is the spice of life :)

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