Monday, January 31, 2011

the gym situation.

This sort of thing gives me mind cancer.

Recently, I was going through the mail when I saw a flier for a new gym in our neighborhood (!!)

Double exclamations because it’s, like, fifteen minutes walking from where I live.
And because ever so slowly where I live is starting to get sort of…huh...helpful establishments are being opened. Businesspersons have caught on it seems.

The Walgreens that opened up a couple years back? Amen.

The BJ’s that opened up this past summer? Hallelujah.

And now, it’s a Planet Fitness gym that officially opens next week.

I took my mom there yesterday. Well, actually she drove us. We originally meant to go last week. But somehow my mom got her car stuck in snow, three stranger men pushed and pushed and finally pushed us out, my bladder almost exploded, my feet almost froze, and I promised myself that come hell or high water, I wasn’t going to get into her car without getting her to sign a contract. Why? One hour turns into four! Hell lets lose! I feel kidnapped! My heart can’t take it!

So we didn’t make it to the gym last week, but yesterday…

It’s a nice establishment, two floors…was looking to get a tour, but they’re still doing construction. Registration is taking place all this week and like I said before, the gym opens next week.

Here’s the thing: I pretty much got it in my head that I’m going to drag my mother to join with my mother and go there a couple mornings a week together. Till February 2nd it’s $1(!!) to join and $10 per month(!!) My mother has been trying to work out more using the shred and has been "googling" Jillian Michaels for some reason...yeah, it's disturbing and sort of cute. I'd actually be shocked if my mother knows of the show "The Biggest Loser."

Keep in mind that I’m paying $84.99 for my Crunch membership in the citay. I usually go to the location that’s around my job and is conveniently close to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It is a wonderful arrangement. I love Crunch.

I was certain I wanted to keep my Crunch membership till very recently, this morning actually.  Actually…lemme rephrase, I wanna keep my Crunch membership, would loveeeee to, BUT $85 for old gym and $10 for new gym for poor college student meeeee? That's almost $100. I mean, it is and isn’t only $10. I dunno.  

In a perfect world, I’d have a gym membership near my job and around where I live.

So here’s me weighing the pros and cons:

Crunch Gym
PROS: Awesome group fitness classes, easily accessible, and I love the facilities (a.k.a they have lotion y’all!!)
CONS: Oh, how I hate walking about with my gym bag a la bag lady…it is exhausting to carry school stuff, gym stuff, laptop…just call me BAG LADY! I remember I met a boy (a.k.a exboyfriend??-ISH/hewhowedon’tspeakof) on campus over a year ago…and he said he thought I might be homeless if it wasn’t for the laptop I was using. I think…he was only half joking. The other thing is that I can only find time to workout at Crunch after work, which means I get home by nine or a little earlier. And then it’s hard to get anything done, because at heart I’m an 99-year-old who really needs to be in bed by eleven ten nine. Sadly, that usually isn’t the case, which is why I’m a grumpy…hey!

Planet Fitness
PROS: Close to mi casa! 24 hours on weekdays! I love the idea of waking early, walking to gym, spending an hour or so, walking back, showering, blah blah blah…and eventually heading to class.
CONS: IT isn’t Crunch (a.k.a they don’t have lotion!!) No fitness classes, really only machines. The reason why Planet Fitness can afford to be so reasonably priced is because it cuts out many of the services (childcare, classes) that hike up the prices of more expensive gyms. Yeah, I to-tal-ly read that on their site. Plus, from what I gather, they plant their locations in places where they can rent cheaper.

Here’s what I know:
I don’t need to pay $85 a month to lose weight.
I don’t need to pay $10 either.
I hate exercising at home. Violently.
I also hate carrying what feels like everything I own with me when I leave the house. It weighs me down—literally and figuratively.
I love taking Yoga, Pilates, and my Ultimate Conditioning classes at my gym, but it’s not the be all and end all to me losing weight. It’s just fun!
Paying for two memberships is an option.
But that’s probably me living above my means.

I think…I know what I have to do. Would love to hear your thoughts! Where/when do you work out, do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend…hehehehe…I was joking about that last one. But please, do share your thoughts on my gym situation?!


P.S. This is Julieta eating her salad like it’s a piece of cake at lunch today.

YES, GIRL, I DID. Gotcha!!


arielcircleofnine said...

Think of what you could do with the extra 75 dollars a month if you chose Planet Fitness close to home...and compare it to not having all the fun classes you take at Crunch and see which one wins out!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

A-ha! Thanks :)) I was just considering with my girlfriend, Erika, what I could use the money for instead! I could take driving lessons for example...

Shally said...

The difference in price is huge. But are you going to lose some interest if you can't take the fun classes like yoga and pilates? Those might be some things that keep you motivated in working out.

Miss Erika said...

Oh man, Alexia, I would definitely switch to the cheaper gym. It's really just more convenient, and I'm sure if you really like yoga that much you'll find a place for a yoga mat at home.

I Will Lay Down My Idols said...

Hi Alexia, Thank you for following my blog! I hope we can encourage one another.
I'd get your mom to sign a contract too! :D
Oh and yah, the cheaper gym! Sounds great.

Paula @ Madame: The Journey said...

Girl, for a $75 differential ... you can buy all the lotion you want at that Wal-greens and still have change, lol. Seriously though, it does boil down to where you're comfortable and what excites you. Considering that Planet Fitness is a new facility, do you suppose classes similar to the ones you participate at Crunch now, will be made available - someday? That's something to keep in mind, while you save a dime, or 750.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be best to just use the school gym which is free and convenient because you'll be in school for class anyway. You won't have to carry your gym bag throughout the day because they have lockers there for daily usage and if you don't like that idea you could rent it for just 15 dollars a semester which all adds up for much cheaper.

Yeah the school gym isn't that much of a phenomenal gym but they do have all the machines that a normal gym has and they even offer fitness classes like the classes you mentioned above that you take at crunch plus you got a pool, how awesome is that!?!? :p

Maybe after you graduate you could join the gym if you really want to but keep in mind that as an alumni of the school you attend it gives you access for life to the facilities and perk offered there. This includes the gym. :D

That was much longer than it was supposed to be :P

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

thanks so much, anon. friend/lover/whowhatwherewhenHOW? we must know each other! yeah, i was just checking the athletics site yes-ter-day. unfortunately the school gym isn't so convenient for me b/c of the limited time i'm at hunter for classes and then i scramble to work. i especially love the fitness classes offered by the school but grrrrr i'm in class or work when they all meet. thanks so much for sharing :))) AND i will definitely keep hunter college jail in mind..hehehe..IN FACT I have plans to use the pool on a regular basis. What is this you're saying about renting lockers now?

Anonymous said...

lol you do know me :p

Yeah I've been contemplating using the pool too but never had anyone to accompany me and I always feel like I don't know how to swim well enough to do it.

Yeah they have signs all over the locker rooms that you can rent the little cubby's for the semester for 15 bucks. It's a pretty sweet deal considering how much of a bag lady I am even without my gym bag.

glad to help :)

from your avid reader, school mate and fellow weight loss extraordinaire,
anon :p

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

*use the pool on a regular basis
i can't believe i wrote that. lies!
more like once in a while ISH.

thanks for stopping by, anon! ha!

Ivy said...

I say ditch the more expensive gym! It's just much more convinient.

Nona said...

I HATE gyms and will NEVER join another one. So coming from that position, I would ditch both of them But that is not a helpful answer for you. So in your case, I think what anonymous suggested is a great idea and failing that choose the cheaper gym or if it's yoga and pilates you love find a dedicated yoga and or pilates place and buy a book of classes which you can use whenever you like.

Ro said...

My 2 cents....85 dollars!!! Girrrlllllll NO. I will send you all the lotion you want!
I say go with the 10 bucks and take an occasional yoga or group class when you feel like it. :-) Have a great day!

jayme @ Losing Half My Weight said...

i have to agree - i'd ditch the more expensive gym and find a yoga/pilates class being held somewhere near work or home (community center, private instructors, etc) to join if the new gym close to home isn't filling all your needs. $75/mo is a lot of money, yo.

jin @ soul + food said...

I'm always down for paying less money and a shorter commute :)

Yum Yucky said...

Hold it. You workout at home violently? I say go with the $10 membership. We need to keep you outta trouble.

Rosa said...

Read this:

and this.

I work out at home because of the time I have, but you truly have to workout with what gets you results.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

That's a great deal for a gym membership. I'd take it!

paulawannacracker said...

hmmmm quite the dilemna. Here is what I know... I will not go to the gym, or classes if it is not convenient i.e., near my home or office. It has to be conveniently located. So the cheaper gym sounds great. Buuuut and I say buuttt because the classes are so freakin fun. You love spin Alexia. Wish I had an answer for you... too bad you couldn't afford both.

Geneviève said...

I like to work out in the morning so I would go to the closer gym. But I also don't take any classes so if you think you might miss that, either check out classes that you can pay for separately (and might be cheaper than $85 a month) or stick with that one. Also as a student, saving money is always a plus!

Melissa said...

i totally understand the bag lady thing - been there, done that, it IS exhausting!!

i also understand you liking Crunch! But i would probably go w/ the one by my house for WAYYY cheaper! You can save so much money! If you save that $75 you could afford a vacation (or something) in no time!

I have a gym dilemma too...maybe i should blog it.

Jenn @ said...

Have you tried negotiating with Crunch? Maybe if you tell them you're considering leaving they might lower your monthly a bit?

Anne H said...

That's why I turned the second bedroom into a little gym.... and use it! Got all the stuff off of craigslist. Couple of hundred bucks and I am set for years! And the 2nd bedroom..... well..... that might not be an option for a gal in the Cit-ay!

Mary (A Merry Life) said...

I hate exercising at home too. Definitely stick with a gym. My vote is for teh cheaper one. Classes are awesome, but for now you will save a ton of moola and eliminate bag lady syndrome.

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