Friday, January 28, 2011

happy weekending!


Don't eat doritos like I just did.  

But do consider packing a bottle of hot sauce in your purse for always. And maybe even going to the gym?!

Be thankful for something, anything--like starting your last semester of college today for example!

And whatever you do, do not smile too much and inadvertently block his path when last semester's writing professor/published author kindly says hello to you in the halls.

Oh, and keep working on argument to convince mother to allow new kitten into home ("but a third cat won't be any more work" isn't working...)




paulawannacracker said...

you are too funny. What name can you possibly think of that will top Vex and Suave kitty?

He Took MY Last Name said...

hahaha as long as you dont name him 3rd wheel! a kitty for everyone in the house is a good excuse. Maybe also it only costs pennies a day to save a life!

jin @ SOUL + FOOD said...

...funny story, lol...hope you enjoy your weekend as the way, I left an award/tag for you on my blog:

Jennifer said...

Happy Friday! <3 =)

Lisa said...

Funny! Good luck with the kitten thing...
Congrats on being in your last semester!
Have a great weekend :)

Anne H said...

I think you've got it bad!

Sarah said...

Mmmm Doritos. I had some this week. Twice in fact. Actually can't imagine a life without them!

Happy weekend to you too!

Heather said...

things to tell you:
a) i adore you. still.
b) i can't get to your blog from my work computer. it is blocked for some reason.
c) but i CAN view it through reader.
d) so have faith in this - i am reading every post you write, even if i cant comment bc I can't get to your blog bc it is blocked. okay? good.
e) xoxoxoxo

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

heather, you are the AWESOME-est!!

Roxie said...

I keep a bottle of hot sauce in my purse. I thought everyone would think I'm weird, but that's okay because I'm always prepared.

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