Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A photo of a favourite musician.

You didn't think I forgot about my photo sharing series did you? It has been awhile. I think I stopped because daily was a bit much...so I think I'll continue the series on a weekly basis.

Here's Diane Birch, one of my favorite musicians:

Birch's first album "Bible Belt" is beautifully written and has a gospel feel to it.

Here's the song "Forgiveness":

I always remembering to forgive myself.  This weekend I went away and self deprecating demons kept biting...until I came home last night, looked in my bathroom mirror and remembered my self worth. Sometimes all it takes is coming home.

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paulawannacracker said...

No self-deprecating talk alexia... you're too worthy for such nonsense. Love the photos and was wondering if you'll be posting more of your own photos soon?

Your photos are what caught my attention but it was your writing and wonderful smile that keeps me coming back.

Trisha said...

Paula stole the words right out of my mouth and left a comment first! You are too worthy for such silly-ness. You writing is by far one of my favorite things about your blog!

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

thanks so much, friends. yeh, i have to remember to treat myself with kindess. and it helps when others start first...so thank you.

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