Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Love.

Today a woman with promises of "it won't take long" tricked me into her car to the outskirts of Brooklyn and back to shop for deals.  I call this woman, "mommy." Yea, it's weird.

Anyways, after the 3rd or so hour, while I was dreaming up an oasis, I spotted this!

"BE KIND": my theme for this year!  Eeeek! It's a sign!

 I'd love to talk about my goals for this week, how gasey Vex Kitty is of late, chicken bones I spy on the sidewalk, etc., but I'm so so tired. So that has to wait till tomorrow. But now here are three healthy living bloggers I'm really loving lately. Please check them out! I'm sort of obsessed with their blogs:

Then Heather Said - AND ALEXIA LISTENED (and even took notes and highlighted)
Soul + Food- Jin me...except she doesn't have cats (I don't think?) and has a husband (does he have a brother?) and is Jamaican with natural hair. Yea, I like her blog lots and I'm sure you will, too.
Try Try Again - You know when you read someone's blog and you just like them? Because you can tell that they're that genuine and nice in real life? So it means even more that you'd root for them in their weight-loss journey? Yea. That's Melissa for me.

I hoping to make "Sunday Love" my weekly link lovin'
Hoping you're enjoying the weekend!



Jenn @ said...

Ah, chicken bones on the sidewalk - a common occurrence in Brooklyn! My dog used to go "gutter diving" trying to eat them (not a good thing). Thanks for the new blog suggestions!

jin @ SOUL + FOOD said...

That's so funny that you saw that sign - a message from a higher power indeed!

ps: thanks for sharing my link, I feel so...special ((blushes))

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

- "Common occurrence" you say, Jenn?! Ha. Apparently I'm just learning so.

- Jin, higher power indeed! :)))))) glad you feel special!

Heather said...


Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

Your welcome!

Melissa said...

Ohmygosh, you are so sweet! Thank you!! =)

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