Friday, January 7, 2011

today is...

Shanika's birthday!
She and her perfect hair turns 25 (but looks 20) and I just drew this picture of us:

Hehehe. The thing is...cutting off my hair really saved me from my own tackiness...well partially. I still wear too many colors at the same time.

Happy Birthday, Shanika! Thanks for being so kind to me!

We're going out to celebrate. Have a great weekend, everyone!



:Deliciously Healthy said...

Happy birthday to your friend! Have a good weekend!

Katie J said...

Happy Birthday Shanika!!! You two behave now!

Coley said...

Happy Birthday, Shanika and your perfect hair! I love your beach frolicking photo! That is what you should feel like at 25!

Shanika said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I truly enjoyed my birthday. Alexia's great. I'm now eating fruits from my edible arrangements to cancel out the 25 desserts I tasted on Friday. I had a great time with my friends who could make it.

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