Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In.

Good morning, luverrrrrrrs

Like yesterday, it's a dreary sort of's actually snowing right now.

But unlike yesterday's breakfast of hooomus and pita chips, right now I'm eating this:

  • Fried egg on toast
  • Store bought guac on toast
  • Spinach courtesy of mama
  • Orange (not pictured)
Perfect. I always feel like such a good girl eating greens for breakfast.

Listen! Today is my second to last day of meal sharing for my wholesome eating challenge. I really think I'm pinpointing exactly what my body needs at every meal: protein, grain, vegetable, etc. It's one thing to know what's good for me, but it's another thing to actually live it out and feel the benefits. My skin is improving as I hoped it would by me eating better!

Now, to the weigh-in...

Current: 221.4 pounds
Last week: 225 pounds
Loss: 3.6 pounds!!

Goal weight: 150 pounds
Pounds till goal: 71.4 pounds

Mood: HAPPY :)))))

To see my other weigh-ins/progress photos, etc., see here. To see my weight-loss philosophy, see here.

Have a great day!



Jenn @ said...

Yay! Congrats on the weigh in!

Randi said...

Congrats 3.6 lbs is awesome...keep up the good work!

Trisha said...

That is amazing!!!!! You are doing so so so great!!! And your breakfast looks amazing!!! mmmmmmm Good job!!!!

Ivy said...

Good job!!! 3.6 pound loss is awsome!!

arielcircleofnine said...

Hey thats a great loss, congrats!

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