Thursday, January 20, 2011

When my skin eats too much Chinese food.

Hello, skin.

The situation of you is dire.

But listen, before you get all riled up, lemme just say: the thankfully few pimples, and mostly, tragically acne scarring are my entire fault. I take full responsibility.

A couple days ago, I went to Kiehl’s to stock up on skin stuff. I’ve been using Kiehl’s since year before last, but sometime ago—I think in October or November—most of my products finished or were “borrowed” by little brother never to be seen again unless I ventured into his cave of a bedroom. Except the face wash that I still used—when I could hardly remember—up until last week when it finished.

Skincare helps, yes.

Face wash, toner, acne scarring diminishing cream, acne lotion, the black strap molasses masks--it makes my skin glow!!--I do a few times a week.

But I’ve realized that what’s crucial to my skincare is how I eat. I’ve heard it and read it a billion times: your skin is blah blah blah a reflection of what you put into your body blah blah blah.

I know it’s true because I’ve seen it.  Right now, my skin has improved, and is improving, and has a lot of improving to do, from all the bingeing and compulsive overeating I did in the latter part of last yearregaining forty pounds (back fat and all, and and please don’t mention added chubbiness of my face, please and thank you) was just one of the side affects.

I mostly blame all the grease from Chinese takeout.

Chinese food, which has a violent hold on me—a.k.a trigger food—and I’ve vowed to stay away from it for this year, has done the most unkind things to my skin.

I already have oily skin so eating lots of oily foods leads to havoc in the form of pimples I can’t help picking, which then leads to acne scarring and acne scarring on brown skin takes forever to clear up.

I’m really self-conscious when my skin is doing badly. As if being seventy pounds overweight isn’t enough…

I wrote about feeling really self-conscious this past weekend, and I think it’s because it’s always programmed into women that if we’re not attractive, (at least in our own minds) we’re not anything.

When I’m feeling unattractive, it helps to remind myself to get over myself. I do believe that feeling pretty is important, but it’s only a drop in the kettle when I put everything and everyone in perspective. Yes? No? Whaddya think?

Well, anyway, I’ve realized that the points in my life when I was eating better and drinking lots of water, really made a difference in my skin.

Recently, after Shanika’s birthday celebration, I gasped when I saw the photos she uploaded from her camera unto facebook.

For some reason, my camera doesn’t pick up my skin issues so much, hahaha—umm, loyalty?

In real life, I don’t wear foundation to cover up the pimples/scarring and I don’t believe I’ll follow Dr. Gervaise Gerstner’s suggestion, as told to Glamour Magazine, that getting on the pill helps because adult acne in women is “usually hormonal.” 

 As my gynecologist at the time suggested, I took birth control for a couple months when I had overactive bleeding in my uterus and it did work, but to take it for acne? That seems a bit much for me.  But Gerstner’s suggestions to “avoid ingesting hormones in dairy, meat and poultry, and control cortisol levels by reducing stress” are ones I’ll take more seriously.

So obviously, my plan is to stay away from greasy foods like Chinese food. I may have just inhaled some potato chips.

But also, my plan is to be careful about processed foods, dairy, anything with lots of sodium, refined sugar, and…peanut butter. That last one is going to be hard because I love my peanut butter—banana green monsters. But nut butters are really, really oily.  Our skin is a canvas expressing the wonderfulness or craptasticness of the stuff we’re putting in.

Will keep y’all updated on how my skin hopefully improves.



arielcircleofnine said...

how bout the PB2 powdered stuff? Ive not tried it as of yet, but I plan oil there!!! My skin has gotten much better when quitting sugar and refined carby stuff, so I bet you'll see a gradual but big difference as time goes by!
I am intrigued about the black strap molasses facial masks? *goes to Google*

Alexia @ Dimple Snatcher said...

A-ha! I was totally considering PB2 or the version they have at Trader Joe's just this week. Thanks! Will stop at TJ's to see if they have any tonight. Thanks, friend.
Yep, I love the molasses mask. It's full of yummy nutrients and pulls impurities from skin. I was my face, dry, then slather a healthy amount all over and leave on for 1-2 hours. Makes my skin glow!

Shay said...

All I know is that you're preaching to the choir. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to ingest more water! It's pretty much a tug-of-war for me not to pick up anything TOO, TOO sugary as it is. We'll see what happens though. *pours holy water on both of us*

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

Oh how I relate to this post. I rely on tons of water to clear things up in the skin department.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

I need to get me some new products. My skin has definitely gotten better since eating healthy though.

He Took MY Last Name said...

My skin goes "radically" out of control when I am on the sugar pill week of my birth control. When I am on my period, my skin looks atrocious- compared to my normal skin. I have very nice skin (not bragging, I promise!) and I rarely get acne- except when I go off the pill.

It really does help.

MizFit said...

OOOH I LOVE PB2 and am in no position to give skin advice but I will steal, errr, read and integrate :) any YOU GIT.

Jenn @ said...

You know what does the skin thing to me - too much sugary, baked goods. Not oily stuff - I can eat nuts and PB and my skin is fine. But when I start overdoing it with cookies, donuts, ice cream, etc - BOOM! My face breaks out.
I agree with not taking the pill just for acne - why ingest hormones when you don't really have to?? I think if you stick with your healthy eating plan, you'll be glowing in no time!

Toot said...

my skin is the exact same way. Having adult acne is so hard because it steals your confidence. I'm not as assertive as I need to be in my career and I'm always wondering which bump will betray me in public and decide to erupt (ewwww, I know :(). Eating right certainly does help the situation, but you know what??? You are beautiful regardless :)

LifeBliss_Lisa said...

Hi Alexia,

You are lovely and so is your blog. Right now I'm gonna search your recipe for some authentic Caribbean dishes.

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