Saturday, February 5, 2011

happy weekending!

FOR THE NEW WEEK: I want to eat better, continue to challenge my body with exercise, catch up on my school reading, blog on a daily basis, drink more water, share photos (Juli's request as I haven't been taking photos recently and sharing here), go back to weekly OA meetings (I've missed these two last weeks), eat more avocados, lose weight, be grateful more.

I want to share my recipe for cornmeal porridge like I said I would.

And I want to respond to this. 

Thank you for stopping by, friends. I wish I could have been more present this week. I hope you're having a beautiful weekend!


P.S. new color


Jenn @ said...

Happy Weekending to you too! I like the green - reminds me of spring (which I hope comes very soon)!

Blossom said...

Geez those donuts look good! I like the new colours (Canadian spelling for ya! :-)!

Lisa said...

No fair posting pics of donuts when I am hungry! lol

- Lisa

Miss Erika said...

I like the green. It's very soothing. Also, I can't wait for this cornmeal porridge recipe - I have a giant thing of cornmeal in my cabinet I have no idea what to do with!

Alexia @ said...

Yayyy, Erika!

Bethan said...

Oh my lord those doughnuts look tasty!
Good luck with the challenges!

Tropical Eats said...

sounds like some awesome challenges to me! Im going to join u in pretty much all of these :)

I need to keep up with blog reading too.

PS the gym thing.. totally go for the cheaper gym. Multiply how much money you'd save over a year.. and then 5 years and maybe that'll help with the decision.

But convenience is pretty nice to have too! Can't wait to hear what u decide :)

Alexia @ said...

apple cider donuts from a farm last fall! so good! hayyy y'all :))

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