Wednesday, February 9, 2011

it's easy.


That’s my stance as of late—as in, yesterday.

Tracking my meals?
Drinking water?
Packing my lunch?

Yep, it’s easy.

Call it a defense mechanism of sorts.

So this “easy business” started last night while I was preparing my overnight oats.
Lemme just say…overnight oats is the best oatmeal thing that’s ever happened to me, second to this! I’ve read about overnight oats in blogworld for a while now, but like most things I don’t catch on till I catch, which usually averages to 1.3 years.

Here’s how I make my overnight oats: The night before it’s meant to be eaten, in a bowl I combine ½ oats, ½ plain nonfat yogurt, ½ non-dairy milk, and a dash or two of water. Leave in fridge till breakfast when it becomes creamy, but in need of some flavoring. This morning, I added honey, walnuts, cinnamon, and dried cranberries. So good! And I love how versatile overnight oats is—do your own thing! Oh, and I eat mine cold and love it that way. I guess you can warm it up, but warming yogurt is weird to me.


Like I was saying before recipe sharing got in the way…preparing my overnight oats last night was easy, it took maybe five minutes—and only that long because it was also time I spent with my children. They, especially Suave Kitty, like to watch me in the kitchen. It’s almost romantic.

Wait…that’s weird.

My point is that it's less of a challenge for me to do this healthy living/weight-loss/creating better habits thing because I’m telling myself that it’s easy. In other words, less this and more this.

Greedy/lazy brain: GOTCHA SUCKAH!


Here’s today’s weigh-in: 224.5 pounds
Last week: 226.2 pounds
The week before last week: 221.4

Because of the gain these past couple weeks, I’ve re-realized that it’s not my natural tendency to eat to lose or maintain my weight. That’s far from reality actually. I need something to work towards. So this week my goals are simply:

  • Drinking water (I drank lots of water yesterday and used the bathroom lots and had lots of holy mangoes! RUN RUN…pull down pants…AHHHHH that feels good moments. Jasmine, the child I babysit, likes to hold her crotch until we get home or get to a bathroom. She says it works, but I don’t think that’s appropriate for me. People might think I’m selling something.)
  • Sticking to 1500 daily calories
  • Regular exercise
  • Attending OA meeting

Gotta run!



Jenn @ said...

Congrats on the loss!
I'm glad you put the old background back on your blog - I like those quirky little birdies!

jin @ SOUL + FOOD said...

you're doing so good alexia!

ps: I finally made a decision and joined Weight Watchers yesterday

Alexia @ said...

me, too, jenn. i think this background feel truer to me! thanks :)))

thanks, jin! yayyy :) where are ya gonna go to meetings? brooklyn?

paulawannacracker said...

that's great about the loss and to talking to "self" about how easy it is... love positive reinforcement. Looking forward to getting back to WW.

I'm gonna try those oats.I too have been reading about them. Love Kath Eats Real Food. She's an oatmeal goddess and btw--you're too funny about suave kitty.

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Sounds delish! I'll have to try it.

Congrats on the loss!

jin @ soul + food said...

my meeting is in queens but if u eventually decide to join I could alternate between bk - let me know

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