Monday, February 7, 2011

Re: The gym situation.

To catch up, here is the original post if you’re interested. Especially read the wonderful comments!

I’ve pretty much long ago decided how I’m willing to spend the little money I make.

Designer clothes and bags?

Nah, only nosy people care to tell the difference anyway. I like here, here, here, and here for reasonable prices and sales. Style and durability are important to me.  I know that if I buy clothes at certain places, like Forever 21 for example, it’s pretty, but not well made. Like this dress for example...

... that is not to be worn too often because it can’t tolerate lots of washes and wears.

I also can’t imagine ever paying anyone to do my hair on a regular basis.

I use to up until l stopped relaxing my hair last May.

Even my eyebrows, I’ve recently stopped paying the $5 around where I live in Brooklyn. Because my girlfriend, Julieta, does them now! For free! It was always painful for me to pay the woman who did them as much as I loved that she always remembered that I like her to keep some thickness to them. It’s $5 for two minutes and adds up to around $120 per year. It's something I can simply do at home, if it wasn’t for the many mistakes I’ve done to my brows in the past. Finally, I started paying someone to do it right. Sometimes we need a professional…or a free friend.

I mention this all because most of you voiced that you think that $85 is too much for my gym membership, which is what I'm paying at Crunch. My response? Yes and No. And maybe.

$85 averages to $21.25 a week. When I consider all the ways I can waste that kind of money per week…the ways I've wasted money on food during my lowest points of binge eating and compulsive overeating...

Taking awesome fitness classes with great instructors, challenging my body, losing weight, feeling stronger...It's much more than the $85 dollars. I'd never put a price on my health.

"It’s really the only thing we have," as someone said to me once.

I only started losing weight after I joined Crunch. Before that, I tried the DVD thing and absolutely hated it. And even before that, I had a membership at Lucille Roberts for really cheap, but eventually I stopped going because the gym's horrible resources are really worth the little they charge.

Your comments about the free lotion I mentioned I love at Crunch are hilarious. I didn't necessarily mean the lotion though, that was only representative of the gym's wonderful resources and how comfortable it makes my workout experience. Not to say I love everything about the gym as I find lots of the women to be superficial.

As I said I would, I signed up my mother and me for the new gym in our neighborhood. Only $1 to join and $10 every month. I plan to go tomorrow morning and I will see how it goes.

Next month I might cancel my Crunch membership. Probably. We will see.

If I pay for Crunch for all for this year that's $850.
If I pay for Fitness Planet for a year it's $100.
If I keep both memberships, which I have considered and am still lightly considering that's almost $1,000. That's certainly me living above my means.

Paula mentioned that I won't be able to take spin classes if I cancel my Crunch membership. She knows how much I love them and it's makes me a little sad. Change always makes me a little sad. But last year when I joined Crunch I said I'd only pay that much for a year and maybe now it's time to move on to something else. Maybe only to remind me that I don't need a hip, fun gym to lose weight. Maybe I don't need fitness classes either. Maybe all I need is a clean cheap gym close to home with me and the machines and I'll have to push myself like I've never pushed myself before. Maybe that's it.



Thirteenlbs said...

Seems to me like you've really thought this through. This is YOUR journey. If a nicer, chic-er gym gets you going I say screw the ducats as long as its not hurting you financially. Go, Alexia, go, go, go!

Gen said...

You're totally right, you can't put a price on health. I kind of can't wait to see what you'll choose, there is much suspense going on! ;)

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Tough choice. Good luck!

jayme @ Losing Half My Weight said...

you know, it'd be worth trying to find some sort of spin podcast online that you can download and then listen to when you're on the bike at the cheap gym. then you can have your own private spin class at the fraction of the price.

but i hear ya on the whole 'this has worked for me so far and i'm reluctant to mess with it' vibe about the crunch gym. if you love your gym, you love your gym. there's nothing wrong with that. my membership allows me access to several different gyms, but i go to the one on the other side of town because its newer, i like the people there and i don't feel intimidated. i could save quite a bit of money on fuel if i went to the closer one, but i don't think i'd like going as much if i did.

Meri said...

I think the most important thing with being healthy is making an investment in whatever keeps you with it, and makes it a lifestyle rather than a short term thing. I've always been too cheap to join a gym, personally :)

Also, I'm having a giveaway, come check it out!

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