Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh, it's been since Monday huh? There goes the daily blogging thing!

Thank you for your comments on my gym situation. I really appreciate your thoughts and I’m writing a post in response for next Monday. Be on the look out if you’re interested.

So listen, I am so tired and overwhelmed and it's only the first full week of classes.

Yesterday I sat on the train and for quite a few seconds couldn’t figure out what day of the week it was. But what’s been wonderful is that now I know the date each day since I write it at the head of the page for my class notes, except I still write 2010. It will probably take me till August to remember.

 It's my last semester hence I have senioritis, so now I especially don't want to read a gazillion pages per week.

I'm done taking Creative Writing and Journalism classes, so all that's left is four required classes to graduate: heavy writing, heavy reading, but pretty interesting stuff actually! I’m excited about my ‘Structure of English’ class and ‘Classics of Feminist Theory.’

My goal is to keep everything uber organized so that I can have time to blog daily, kittay kiss, sleep, etc. I’ve decided to name my planner ‘Sasha,’ and she is so helpful when I remember to use her. A couple days ago I was in class and took a quick peek at my friend, Jessica’s planner. She has things filled in, highlighted, etc! I was embarrassed at the flimsy little scribbles I have in my planner, so I took out my highlighter from my pencil case and highlighted exactly one random word. Then I got bored, so I put the highlighter away and marveled at the productivity of that one highlighted word….yeah, I wish I was joking, too.

I love that Julieta transferred from NYU to Hunter, which she says is a better fit for her. We have lunch together: lots of sighing, swooning, and missing each other’s points.

Now that I've lost most all ambition, Juli keeps talking about studying, even does it at wee hours of the morning and the semester just began! How strange. But she says that she will help me with my swimming (Hunter has a pool :) since she's swam competitively and works as a lifeguard so it's all good.

One of my biggest ambitions nowadays is how to fit as many avocados in my diet as possible. That is what I pondered one train ride this week. Serious business…I’ve even googled, “eating one avocado a day,” “calories in one avocado,” etc.  I’ve also been craving yogurt, eggs, tofu, cheese…as in, GIMME!! NOM NOM NOM. Huh. Immaculate conception? Greediness?

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ve missed you all!



Anne H said...

Low Carb gets alot of the Avocado things.
Love, Kitteh......

Anonymous said...

This julieta girl sounds hot..

Alexia @ said...

Juli, behave!

MissHaneefa said...

Avocados are so delicious. I like them in a salad.

arielcircleofnine said...

avocados are one of my faves too! and tofu, eggs, cheese...all low carb by the way :-D Hope you get inspired and creative with your planner--me, I love to make lists and schedules and things, but then I leave them at home and just "wing it" anyway! Have a happy Friday nite!

pinkvision said...

"avocados...craving yogurt, eggs, tofu, cheese..."

sounds like your brain is telling you it needs fuel! I love avocados. Having mine in a salad today. yum yum!

Gen said...

Omg I have senioritis too!! Except I'm kind of taking a sixth class for the fun of it because I only need five to graduate. I guess I'm weird like that.
I don't enjoy avocados... I actually think I might be allergic because they make me sicky. But maybe that's just because I don't like the texture.
Nevertheless, I fully support your cravings for eggs, yogurt, tofu, and especially cheese!

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